5 reasons I’ll never give up coffee

I started drinking coffee in high school. There was a Caribou Coffee that was the perfect hangout for me and my girlfriends. We’d get a frozen coffee or a fancy latte and relished in our newfound independence.

When I started working full-time, my love of coffee was truly solidified. My day didn’t truly start until I was sitting at my desk, cup of coffee in hand. My colleagues and I would duck out for a mid-afternoon Starbucks run when we needed a break from the stress of the day.

Then I had children…and it became my best friend.

I just read an article that talked about all the awesome reasons you should give up coffee/caffeine and I thought….OVER MY DEAD BODY.

I’m not a soda drinker and I don’t drink cup after cup after cup, unless a small person wakes up in the middle of the night.  I have one or two cups each morning and it’s a lovely start to my date that I don’t intend to give up unless some medical reason forces me to. (That would be so cruel.)

My tastes in coffee have changed over the years. When I started drinking coffee, it was heavy on milk and sugar and light on the coffee or I had a high calorie latte (thank you teenage metabolism). Then I went through a phase where I only wanted to drink flavored coffee (think french vanilla or hazelnut). Now I’m firmly a light or medium roast kind of gal.

Trying a new coffee roaster today – @koffeekult Need ALL the caffeine. #coffeelover #mornings #sample

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I was recently introduced to a new coffee roaster called Koffee Kult. Once I got over the name (I can’t help it, I’m a spelling purist), I was excited to try their beans. I’m always game for something new in the coffee realm. Koffee Kult is based in Florida and acquire their beans from quality growers in more than 50 countries around the world. They offer a medium roast, dark roast, a Thunderbolt french roast and espresso beans, as well as many single-origin coffees (think Columbia, Guatamala, Sumatra). I was sent their medium roast, a Columbia Huila coffee and their dark roast. The medium roast was my favorite and I will definitely be buying more. It wasn’t too bold or bitter, and a nice rich flavor. The dark roast was just a little too strong for my taste, but I liked it better than others I’ve had. Some get that sort of burnt taste, but this did not. Their prices are on the high side, but you can subscribe and get a discount if you want regular deliveries. It’s cheaper to buy two pounds vs one. But they do have sales! The medium roast is on sale right now for $14.99/lb. But back to never giving it up…. Cup of coffee 1) It genuinely makes me happy. I don’t know if it’s holding the warm mug that gives me a sense of peace and calming or the wonderful aroma as I lean in for that first sip, but coffee brings a smile to my face every morning. Whether it’s drinking it in the car on the way to dropping off the kids, or leisurely reading the news on a Sunday morning, it makes a perfect start to my day. 2) I love the sense of community that comes with it. My favorite thing to do with friends is meet for coffee. There’s just something about sitting in a coffee shop, surrounded by like-minded people, chatting and sipping. It’s a part of self-care that I relish and it’s always a perfect time for a coffee date, be it morning, afternoon or evening. 3) I’m not a morning person. I don’t do mornings. I never have. It doesn’t matter if I’ve gotten six hours of sleep or nine, it takes me awhile to get moving. God forbid the kids start fighting before I’ve had coffee. It’s not even the caffeine really as I start to feel better as soon as I’ve taken the first sip. It’s probably all in my head, but I’m okay with that. 4) I don’t want to. 5) I really don’t want to. So there.   Want to try out Koffee Kult? They are offering up a gift box with both medium and dark roast beans. Contest ends March 23. koffee kult   a Rafflecopter giveaway
*I never turn down coffee samples, so thank you to Koffee Kult for sending me three roasts to try. No other compensation was received for this post.

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  1. says

    I don’t drink coffee. I’ve tried it maybe 4-5 times in my life in every possible form and I just. don’t. like it. But I wish I did mainly for #2. I want to be part of the coffee community! I drink tea and our community just isn’t the same. But my husband loves coffee so I’d put the gift basket to good use!

  2. Kristin Neal says

    I never want to give up coffee either. The bolder the flavor the better. After having 3 kids in 3.5 years I became totally addicted and I love it. I won’t stop drinking it, ever.

  3. says

    I am with you on being a 1-2 cup person per morning and indeed my tastes have changed over the years too, preferring a rich medium or dark roast over something flavored! Thanks for the recommendation of Koffee Kult. I’m going to check them out but am also a spelling purist!

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