OMG, I joined a boot camp


My legs currently feel like Jello.

Yesterday, I squatted them into obliteration. Then this morning we ran, kicked, squatted, jumped and ran some more. Thank the heavenly father for the grocery cart. If not for that, I would have had to to crawl out of the grocery store after making a quick stop for some healthy snacks and almond milk.

Legs Like Jello
But let me back up.

In late October, I put my YMCA membership on hold. With the start of my new work-from-home job in August and the kids not going to preschool anymore, I wasn’t making my way over to that side of town much anymore. Plus, it was hard to find (read: MAKE) the time to go.

Here we are, four months later, and I’ve done JACK SQUAT in terms of exercise and it shows. I recently ordered the bridesmaid dress for my sister’s upcoming wedding. The one in the store was a tad snug so I ordered up a size. It arrived last week and um…that size is a tad snug too. Nothing terrible, but who wants to worry about sucking it in at a wedding? Not me.

I’m not stupid. I know how this happens. It’s the result of too many Girl Scout cookies, Valentine candy and Christmas and birthday too! And I know what I need to do. Eat better…. Exercise…. Blah. Blah. Blah.

So I joined a boot camp. A lot of women in my area have been going and I figured I’d hop on the bandwagon and give it a go. All I knew about it was that it was going to be hard. I knew there would be burpees (UGGG!). I knew I’d have to work.

My first day I thought I was going to die…but in a good way. I had to stop and catch my breath multiple times. I wasn’t able to finish absolutely every set. But I stayed. I did it. Two hours later, I could already feel my muscles screaming, yelling, wondering what the hell I had done.

But today, after my third workout, I think they understand what I’m doing. Well, I mean, they probably aren’t thanking me yet as I have to grab the chair arms every time I sit at my desk for fear my legs will give out on me. But they know it’s a good thing.

I know it’s a good thing, even as I hobble around like a pregnant lady in her 3rd trimester.

My goal isn’t to lose a ton of weight. While I wouldn’t be sad if 5-10 lbs disappeared from the scale, I’m really focused on how my body looks. I want the “fluff” gone. I want muscle definition.

It’s not going to be pretty. It’s full of sweat and discomfort and man, does my face get red! But it’ll be worth it.

I know it will be worth it.


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