How the flu almost made me crazy

I have laundry to switch out but I’m avoiding it. I mean, it’s literally 10 feet away from me, but I’m pretending it’s not there.

Call it laziness. Call it avoidance. Either way, I just don’t feel like it.

Last Thursday, I picked up the boy child from school to find he had a 102 fever. After a trip to the Minute Clinic and a diagnosis of strep (no flu, whew!) we came home and I prepared to have him home with me on Friday. I worked. He watched TV and read.

We had beautiful weekend…at least outside the house. It was sunny and spring-like so every window was open. Good thing too because Saturday morning, the husband woke up feeling “off”. I quickly sent him to Minute Clinic assuming he also had strep as well. No dice. He proceeded through the day okay but by 7:30 he was officially sick with something.

Sunday morning diagnosis? Flu A.


I contemplated running away, but there were these two children that needed to be cared for so that wasn’t really an option. So I spent all of Sunday and Monday disinfecting my house neurotically. I scrubbed down every surface on the hour. I had Thieves diffusing in my bedroom (where the sickie was) and in the kitchen. Every time my husband ventured out of the bedroom, I followed him with Lysol. I made him lay on a sheet in our bonus room to watch TV. I handed him Clorox wipes when he sat down at my computer to order a pizza.

I’m pretty sure he wanted to kill me.

But you guys get it, right? I couldn’t get sick. The kids couldn’t get sick.


A cold I can manage. Strep? It’s pretty much gone 24 hours after antibiotics. I can even handle mom life with most* of my migraines. But the flu? It’s man down and you better pray you’re a survivor. Bless my husband’s heart, in almost 19 years of knowing him, I have never seen him like this.

So here we are….it’s Wednesday and I’m not sick.  

I don’t think.

Every ache, twinge of discomfort, hot flash makes me lunge for the thermometer because you can bet your sweet patootie that the second it eeks to 100 degrees, I’m off to the doctor for Tamiflu.

My sister’s bridal shower is this weekend. The kids have dance tomorrow and I don’t want them to miss two weeks in a row. And oh, I also have to work. Yup, no time. No time to be sick at all.

So I’m going to keep on popping my probiotics, my Vitamin C gummies and eating my Halos. I’m going to keep praying I don’t get sick. And yes, I’m totally going to keep ignoring my laundry. Because after this week, it’s one of the only things I have control over.


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