Books for Boys: Recommendations for ages 7-10

Mr. A is a reader, much like his mama was/is. The only problem with that is I’m constantly scrambling for appropriate reading material – for both his age and his interests.

Thank goodness for Facebook and other blogs to tell me what other kids his age (and older) are reading.

Books for boys: recommendations for ages 7-10

Right now he’s eight and in second grade. Below is a list of what’s been hot in our household. All of the books (in my opinion anyway) are appropriate for the 7-10 age-range. Obviously when you introduce them is subject to your child’s maturity and reading level.

1. I Survived Series
Mr. A devoured these books. I think he went through the entire series in a month. At first I was a little taken back about him asking questions about the Nazis and the Hindenburg disaster, but I quickly realized it’s part of our history and the books were a good way to ease into it.

2. Future Flash
This book showed up in my mailbox one day. It’s about a young girl who sees flashes of the future when she touches people. I read it first to make sure it was appropriate and quickly handed it off to him. Again, he read it in three days. I hope this author writes more.

3. Origami Yoda
We just started this book at the recommendation of a friend. There are several others in the series so we’ll making multiple trips to the library for sure.

4. Harry Potter
These are family favorites. He’s read to Book 4 (only because he flew through it; I wasn’t quite ready to say yes) and we are waiting awhile before we read Books 5-7. I think the series itself is perfect for tweens.

5. Anything by Matt Christopher
Matt Christopher’s books aren’t “current”, but any sports-fan will enjoy these classic stories. The books are about Little League, soccer, basketball and all sorts of other sport related topics. My active guy can always count on one of these if nothing else at the library is appealing to him.

6. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
It’s a classic. I read it. He’s read it. How can you not love little Fudge Hatcher?

7. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
This series caught A’s attention and hasn’t let go. If he can get his hands on a book he hasn’t read, he’s happy. Written as a comic, kids get the story of Greg, a middle school student who faces a lot of problems. They are quite entertaining.

8. Big Nate
Similar in concept to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, my guy loves the storyline about eleven year old Nate and can go through a book in a weekend.

9. Percy Jackson

We just started this series and are going to ease into it. He loved the first book, The Lightning Thief, but I want to read the whole series before I give him book number 2. I think this series is a lot like Harry Potter. The first few books may be appropriate for the younger elementary age kids but the series definitely gets darker and intended for older elementary and middle-school aged kids. But it’s fun that he’s now interested in Greek Mythology.


What books are your boys reading? We are always looking for new recommendations.


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