4 Bathroom Must-Haves for Boy Moms

Y’all. I am done with our guest bathroom smelling like pee. D.O.N.E.

My son is eight years old. I naively thought once we got this potty training thing nailed down, my days of dealing with pee would be over. FALSE! For the love of all that is holy, he cannot keep the urine in the toilet. He dances. He sings. He talks. What he doesn’t do is pay attention.

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I swear I am constantly cleaning the bathroom. And if that wasn’t bad enough, during our house renovations, we stuck our kitty litter box in there and now I can’t get rid of that smell either. I’m going to pull my hair out. I’ve sprayed. I’ve scrubbed. And after all that trial and tribulation, I’ve found a good routine that seems to help…a smidge. Because let’s face it, this problem isn’t going anywhere.

1. Clorox Urine Remover  I just discovered this at Target. The words “URINE” screamed off the shelf at me and the bottle leapt into my cart. I’m pretty sure it’s just hydrogen peroxide, but it has helped A TON. I spray, leave it on the tile/grout for a few minutes and wipe up. Voila.

2. Thieves Household Cleaner  I LOVE the way this smells and it works as a good “in-between” for when I don’t want to use the harshest of chemicals.

3. Diffuser with essential oils or soy candles This seems like such a cop-out but honestly, sometimes all you can do is mask the smell. I typically do this when we have guests over.

4. A good scrub brush and gloves For pee, you can’t just use paper towels and a wet sponge. You need to really scrub and get in there, so a heavy duty brush is essential. And gloves because….ewwww.

Don’t forget to scrub the baseboards. I’m amazed at where pee can actually end up.

Oh, and before you say anything – at eight years old, yes, I know my son could/should be cleaning the bathroom himself. And he does sometimes. He cleans the toilets. He wipes down the sink. But let’s be honest. Do we really think he does a good enough job? No. No, we don’t.

What are your bathroom must-haves?
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  1. Kathy says

    As the mom of two boys…. I will be looking for that Clorox product. Is it seriously THAT hard to pee in the bowl?

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