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Last November we found ourselves looking for after school activities for the children. Soccer had been fun, but did not really grab the interest of our kids.  Ideally we wanted something that all three kids could do together to make it easier on our schedule. Our main goal was to have them involved in a class that would allow them to have fun but also teach them something useful. We wanted our daughter to gain more confidence, our son to have some added discipline and focus and our youngest wanted to be able to tag along as well.

We researched a few martial art studios and landed on Urban Revolution.   The kids enjoyed it, but it seemed they were more interested in running around like wild children than practicing Taekwondo.  But, after about a month of going to class they began to fall into line and follow instructions.  We found a Taekwondo studio with awesome instructors that allowed kids to be kids, but also taught them respect of the art and of the class.   My husband and I proudly watched them work on their forms from the sidelines.  It was not long before our older two children graduated to the leadership program.  They have gained tremendous confidence as well as self control, strength and focus. My youngest is fierce as ever and does her best to keep up. She is working hard to move up to the leadership program as well.


Last August at the belt graduation, my family and I watched as a mom earn her black belt with her 2 oldest daughters.  I was impressed.  Elliette looked up at me and said, “Mommy. You need to start taking classes with me so we can get our black belts together too.”  In that moment, I realized she was right. I was already taking advantage of the combat fitness classes they offered and I enjoyed it very much, so why not this?  Why shouldn’t I join in the fun?  After discussing with my husband, we decided to do it.  I am pretty lucky as my schedule allows me to attend two adult classes a week as well as the classes with my children. My husband joins us on Saturday classes and we have a blast working together as a family!


The decision we made as a family to practice Taekwondo together has been awesome.  Urban Revolution houses a fantastic group of people and leaders that support, respect and take care of each other.  It is a lesson the kids will witness through example and hopefully apply in their lives.  My son thinks it is great that we are able to work out together and often challenges me to a push-ups or sit-up contests.   He also likes to practice his punches and kicks while my daughter enjoys practicing her nun-chucks.  With the proper gear, we are able to do this at home together as a family.  It’s an additional bond that we can form with the kids and as a bonus, I know that my kids can defend themselves if ever needed.


One thing I have learned about myself as a Stay at Home Mom is that I need some time to work on me if I am going to be a good mom and wife.  Taekwondo allows me to do that, along with learning ways to protect myself and my family.  But even though I get to w take the time to work on myself,  I have found the balance of being able to enjoy it with my family.

If you are in the South Charlotte area and interested in martial arts an activity, check out:

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