Ovation Cinema Grill – Good Eats and Great Seats in Holly Springs

If you’re looking for a one of a kind movie experience, look no further than Ovation Cinema Grill in Holly Springs. This brand new Carmike owned theater has just wrapped up an amazing opening week. With stadium style, recliner seating, an impressive, reasonably priced menu, and some of the best customer service in the area, Ovation sets itself apart from pack.


Even though they’ve only officially been open for a week, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the Ovation Hollywood treatment twice. My family and I went for the s oft opening week, and I attended the grand opening press event. I was thoroughly impressed both times with each and every aspect of the theater.

From the moment you walk in the front door, you are recognized and welcomed at Ovation. You are greeted as soon as you come in, and each time any of the upbeat employees pass by, they say hello, or ask how you are doing. It’s such a small thing, but really goes a long way to make a guest (what Ovation calls their “customers”) feel appreciated.


Ovation is a full service restaurant and bar in addition to being a movie theater. There are a few versions of this in the Triangle now, but I think the menu offerings at Ovation as well as the price point, make it a better fit. (You can check out the menu on online.) What I like most, and what is a little different than most of the dine in theaters in the area, is that you do NOT have to arrive early to your movie. Full service and all menu offerings are available from the time you sit down in your theater, to the time the show is over. There is a call button on your seat which is monitored closely by the attentive Ovation staff. Anytime you need something (napkins, a drink, dessert), you just call for service, and someone will be right with you. I know many may be concerned this could distract from the movie. The angle of the seats and more than ample space between rows has really done a lot to prevent this from ever being a problem.


That brings me to the subject of seats. The seats at Ovation are comfy, easy to control, and I don’t know if there is a bad seat in the house. While a majority of the seats are accessible by stairs, each theater has many that are on ground level. Each seat gives you a great view and plenty of room. No need to worry about getting there early to pick out your spot either. You can purchase tickets ahead of time since all movies are reserved seating.

When you’re looking to purchase tickets online, be sure to check out whether or not your movie is being shown in the “Big D” theater. This is the largest theater at Ovation with a 70 foot wide floor to ceiling screen. The Big D experience has the latest in surround sound technology and amazing digital projection. The sound from a good action movie will literally make your seat rumble.


Ovation has done a fantastic job creating an environment that is a great fit for everyone. Our family trip to the movies during the soft opening was perfect with popcorn for us all to share, easy access to family restrooms, and plenty of kid friendly menu items. I hear that in the future they will even start showing movies once a month geared specifically towards families with low sound and the lights up just a bit. Sometimes it can be a little intimidating to take your kids to a chic new movie theater, but at Ovation, they do an amazing job supporting both family fun and adults out to have a great time.


For the latest information and updates from Ovation, be sure to like them on Facebook. They keep their community informed and will share special events, new releases, and promotions (like their $5 Tuesday movies). With some great movie openings just around the corner, keep Ovation Cinema and Grill in mind for a movie experience unlike any other.




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