Fun Fall Activities for Your Family


I’m a huge fan of local pumpkin patches, apple orchards and, of course, here in NC, the State Fair. There are so many ways you can enjoy fall with your family. Here are a few of my favorite ideas to get you started.

Bring Some Love to the Local Fire Station
In addition to being an awesome fall month, October is also Fire Prevention Month. This is a great time to show some love to your local fire station. Fire fighters spend a lot of time at the firehouse away from their families to help keep our homes and communities safe. Dropping off some treats, or just swinging by for a visit and to give your thanks is always appreciated. While fire fighters never know exactly what their schedules will be like (obviously they might have to leave at any second for a call), you can call ahead and see if there is a certain time a visit might be best. I took my son for a special firehouse tour awhile back, and he still remembers it today.

Rake Leaves
It seems so simple, right? Rake leaves. Think back to your own childhood though. Can you remember the days when you would rake up a huge pile of leaves and jump right in? I can remember raking huge piles of leaves (we had a lot of trees) and flopping down like it was an air mattress. My sister and I would cover ourselves up in leaves, then jump out, just because we could. I know, I know. Now that we’re grownups in a clean and mold free age, it’s hard to get past all of the things that could possibly be in and on those leaves. But just do it. Give your kids some rakes or pull out the leaf blower. I’m telling you, leaves can offer some good, energy burning, carefree fun.


Apple Cider Stand
Just because the hot, humid days of summer are gone doesn’t mean the American entrepreneurial spirit has to be gone too. In the summer, our neighborhood has several pop up lemonade stands. I haven’t seen it done (yet), but how awesome would an apple cider stand be in the fall?!? Where we are, you never can tell if the fall days are going to be hot and sunny, or feel cool and crisp. That’s what makes apple cider so perfect! Take your pick from any of the types, styles and spice levels that you see in the store these days. You can help your kids heat some up and serve it from a thermos, or serve it chilled. Bottoms up!

Have Your Own Fall Festival
I remember “back in the day” there were Monster Mashes and Fall Fests where people would bob for apples, play fun party games, and eat some amazing apple and pumpkin themed foods. What’s to stop you from having a family fall festival of your own? Keep it simple. Invite a friend or two if you feel like it, but don’t be afraid to keep it small. Don’t go crazy on Pinterest with decoration ideas. Just have some games, let your kids paint some pumpkins, fill a sink tub (or old school wash tub if you have it) up with water and apples, and have a good time. Combine a few of your favorite fall activities into one family celebration. Like I said, invite some friends if you want, but don’t let it turn into something that is more stress than fun. Fun family ideas should be fun for EVERYONE, including you. ;)

Spend Some Time in the Kitchen
This would be a great spot to post some recipes, but I am actually going to go a little “semi homemade” on this one. There are so many boxed pumpkin and apple baking mixes out there that will still make for some fun in the kitchen. My boys and I love, LOVE, to pick up a few boxes of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread and bake it throughout the season. It’s simple, low stress, and pretty affordable. The directions and steps on most prepackaged baking mixes are easy to follow which is great when you’re cooking with young kids. If you want to go all out homemade, go for it! You know what is best for you. The point is though, spend some time together whipping up some of the delicious tastes that the fall season brings us. Whether that’s pumpkin bread from a box, homemade apple pie, or even a pot of freshly made vegetable soup. Bring the family together in the warmth of the kitchen and make some magical memories.


What are YOUR favorite fall activities?

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