5 Under $5: Back to School Gifts for Your Teacher

I know that as a parent getting back into the swing of things can be a little rough. We get used to the more laid back pace that summer brings. Then, the first day of school comes and it’s a big ol’ kick in the rear. Routines, schedules, activities, and earlier bedtimes take the lead. It can lead to tired parents and exhausted kids.

Do you know who else ends up physically and mentally EXHAUSTED during those first days (and actually weeks) of school? Teachers! It is seriously SO demanding on your body and your mind to be a teacher during back to school time. The planning, all of the talking and voice projection, learning names, learning personalities, and gaining the trust of new shapeable minds. Seriously, it wears a person out.

If you want to make a good impression on your new teacher, or just want to be a kind person, there are so many easy things you can do. Here is a list of just 5 that will make any teacher’s day whether they work in a preschool or teach high school.

5 Under $5Back to School Gifts for Your Teacher

5 Gifts Under $5 for Your Teacher

A Bottle of Water
Getting a bottle of water for someone as a gift sounds a little ridiculous, but I can tell you that there isn’t a teacher out there who appreciate this gesture. Teachers talk a lot, and usually pretty loudly. After a summer of using a normal voice, getting your teacher voice back can do a number on your throat. Send in a bottle of water with a little bow on it or even a little note that says “just thinking of you and hoping to cool off your back to school days” will make any teacher smile. If you want, you can even get fancy fruit flavored water, but I would still send in one plain old fashioned water too.

Cool Writing Utensils
Most teachers share one obsession: office supplies. Take advantage of this and give your teacher a little pack of colorful pens, brand new sharpened pencils, or a nice new Sharpie with a crisp clean point. (I’m a teacher that likes Sharpies, can you tell?;)) For less than $5 you can give a simple gift that brings a smile to a hardworking teacher’s face. As always, a little note attached can make it even better.

An Apple for the Teacher
This is going pretty old school, but bringing fruit in for the teacher is never a bad idea, unless of course you know the teacher hates fruit. Especially today though, with so many people focused on making healthy choices, some fresh fruit can be just the pick me up your child’s teacher is looking for. Oranges, apples, and bananas are all fruits that a teacher could pretty easily eat on the go at school. If you’re positive that your teacher isn’t a fan of fruit, maybe try some trail mix. It’s just a little snack to help them recharge.

$5 Pick Me Up
I know gift cards can seem impersonal, but for a teacher, a $5 cup of joecan be an extra special treat. Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are both known for having good coffee, but also have plenty of other treats just in case your child’s teacher isn’t a java drinker. Sometimes, there’s nothing that a little sugar and/or caffeine can’t fix.

A Kind Note or Email
I know this seems kind of lame, but kind words are probably the greatest gift of all. There is a lot of information overload for both teachers, students, and families during the first weeks of school. As a teacher it can be hard to gauge how it’s going for your students. Depending on the age of your student, send an email or write a note to let the teacher know about anything positive your student has said about him or her so far. Don’t think that this is just for little kids either! My sister is a high school English teacher and an upbeat email from a parent made her day earlier this week. Kind words go a long way.

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