The day my kids gave each other haircuts


My youngest two kids were in the front yard playing by their favorite tree. It’s a nice crab apple tree that’s easy for them to climb.  I asked if they would stay out front for a few minutes so I could take care of a large ant mound I found in the backyard. They agreed.  We seemingly have a million ants in the yard.  Five minutes later, I was almost done. Then it happened.

My son ran out the backdoor with a huge grin. “Mom!!! Elliette and I are giving each other haircuts! Can you see my bangs?”  I sure could. But instead of freaking out, I calmly replied, “Wow. That’s something else, bud.  Elliette cutting her hair too?”   I remembered the scissors were placed high up on our built-in shelf so the kids couldn’t reach them. “Who climbed the shelf to get the scissors?” I asked.  “I did”, Colin sheepishly answered.  I promptly sent him to time out for climbing to get them, which is something he knows he shouldn’t do.

Check these bangs out!
Check these bangs out!

Then Elliette came out. Her bangs were crooked and short. I can handle this, I thought. All kids do this to themselves, this isn’t that bad.  Then she ran her fingers through her hair and chunks of her strawberry blonde curls started falling to the ground.  She started to cry.  I knew I didn’t need to tell her that this was a HUGE mistake. She realized it on her own. As I explained we had to go to the salon to get a professional cut to make it even, she cried harder because she didn’t want all her beautiful hair cut off.

We walked inside the house and I found piles of her hair on the floor. I honestly didn’t realize she had so much hair to cut and still have as much left on her head as she did.  Luckily she cut underneath, so I hoped we could figure out a way to blend it all in nicely without a drastic haircut.

She definitely chopped off a lot of hair.
She definitely chopped off a lot of hair.

We only had an hour before we needed to pick up my oldest from school, so we headed to Sports Clips. My son ended up needing a buzz cut with a 1 guard and you can still see the line where he cut! He is almost bald, but has a really soft head now.  It’s actually a cute summer cut for him. However, I wasn’t planning on him having a shaved head for preschool graduation. I guess it will make for a good story.

He loves his new buzzed look.
He loves his new buzzed look.

Elliette had to get 3 inches cut off and layers in the front to blend in the part where she cut. Her bangs are now way too short and she has chunks of hair missing  underneath. Her hair definitely looks a lot thinner and a little straggly.  I didn’t want to get a drastic cut from a stylist I didn’t know, so we decided it can grow out a little bit and we’ll likely do some sort of bob cut later this summer.


I have to admit, my heart ached to see them do this to themselves. I know EVERY kid does it. My oldest cut her own bangs at one point. I remember cutting a piece of hair that was bothering my neck while I was doing arts and crafts when I was a preschooler.  I expected it to happen at some point, but it still caught me off guard.

Do you have any funny stories about you or your children cutting their hair?  Leave them in the comments below! 


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    I think every family has one child that will try and cut their own hair. It leaves a great memory but it also teaches you to hide the shears. I think it is important that you hide them so that they don’t know where to get them. It might save them a bad haircut or two.

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