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*I am excited today to share my friend Molly’s journey as an Arbonne rep. I love learning about all the nuances behind these different jobs. So fascinating!*

My alarm goes off every morning at 6:15 am. But on most days my eyes and my mind pull me out of sleep long before the radio station clicks on and tells me to get up. It never fails that right around 4:43 am, I roll over in bed and see that time on my alarm clock. Despite being exhausted and wanting desperately to get those additional 90 minutes of sleep, I’m immediately cursed. This is the time almost every day that my mind kicks into worry mode. Usually it spends the next 90 minutes rolling through my bills—the ones I’ve put off paying until the next pay check comes in and the ones that I know will be due soon, my bank account balances, and a search for light at the end of this depressing financial tunnel.

Even though my husband has steady income and I’ve managed to piece together a freelance/work-at-home gig, each month every penny is accounted for. Aside from living on a farm with the added expense of caring for our few animals—we tend to live pretty simply. We rarely eat out. We don’t take elaborate vacations and my husband’s hand-me-down Toyota has an astonishing 300,000 miles on it.

We have much to be grateful for. So much. But the drag of pinching pennies every single month is wearing.

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I can tell you one thing about my journey to becoming an Independent Consultant for Arbonne: I never, ever thought I would be doing something like this. I had dipped my toes in the world of multi-level marketing through my blog and found it confusing, lonely and expensive. I was buying products to maintain my “status” and floundering to learn the system. After a few months, the enthusiasm would wane, my confusion and spending would peak and I’d step back from it all.

But Arbonne caught me by surprise . It came into my life when I wasn’t expecting it. But it came right when I needed it.

I already knew all the reasons why I would never be the kind of person who got involved in a network marketing company.

  1. I was not a salesperson.
  2. I was pretty sure network marketing companies never worked.
  3. I was an introvert.
  4. I didn’t know enough people.
  5. I was too busy.
  6. I was worried what people would think of me.

I was introduced to Arbonne through a close friend in my church. I had attended a party years before and was already using many of the products. But I’d never been introduced to the opportunities Arbonne had for me. I rattled off my list to Lindsey and told her all the reasons why I would stink at this business. But she gently encouraged me that anyone could succeed at this business and that I wouldn’t be alone. She’d be coaching me every step of the way.

Here’s why Arbonne works (for anybody, even this introverted, people-pleasing homebody.)

  1. I am not a salesperson. I am a friend. Our products are botanically-based. Vegan. Gluten-free. Contain no chemical dyes, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, animal by-products, the list goes on and on. I am sharing healthier, safer choices with people. And at the heart of this, I want what’s best for them and their families.



  1. The simplest way to describe network marketing is that it is taking out the middle man. Instead of the products you purchase going through the hands of shippers and distributors and warehousers and retailers—products are going from the manufacturer to the customer. Network Marketing has been called the business model of the 21st century. And Arbonne has been in this business for 36 years. We have been creating and formulating health and wellness products long before it was cool. And now these products are in high demand.


  1. Arbonne calls you to be a neighbor. Yes, for an introvert like me it requires doing some hard things but all those hard things are good things. They are helping me be a better friend, a kinder neighbor, and a more attentive, loving person. What really sold me on Arbonne was the heart of this company. It is built on a model of servant leadership. We are here to serve others and to not only offer great products but an opportunity for ordinary people to earn an extraordinary income.
  1. The first thing I did was make a list of people I knew. I was surprised to find out I knew a lot more people than I thought. Not only that, this company is about building relationships and friendships. It’s about the people you’re willing to know and a willingness to help them.
  1. I AM busy. But busy people know how to get things done. And Arbonne fits into the nooks and crannies of your life. And through modern technology you can build a thriving global business from your laptop.
  1. I am a recovering (daily struggling) people pleaser. But when I feel myself start to cringe from what I *think* others think of me I have to remind myself of two things. They’re not usually thinking all the horrible things I imagine they are thinking. And my “why” for being involved in this business is way bigger than my worry about what other people think.

I’ll tell you this, if you are looking for financial hope or time freedom it’s at least worth learning a little bit more about this opportunity. For me, it means working for a classy, top-notch company that believes in service and compassion. It means being surrounded by people who inspire, help and encourage me to grow. And it means no more 4:43 am worrying wake-up call.

Want to know more? Shoot me an email at I promise I won’t stalk your inbox or show up at your door clutching products and sign-up sheets. (But I might send you a few favorite things to try for yourself, if you’d like.) Or join my next Discover Arbonne private Facebook event on Thursday, April 21st at 9pm EST. Just let me know and I’ll add you to the event. (Pajamas optional!)


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