Let’s talk about coffee

I’ve been a coffee drinker since I was 16. Back then, I was drinking “froo-froo” drinks at Caribou with my besties. We’d drink lattes and frozen concoctions while sitting around being cool and relevant to the 90’s society.

As I got older, I started drinking regular coffee, always with cream and sugar. For the most part I drank flavored coffee or a light roast. Now you’ll usually find me with a medium blend, a bit of cream and sprinkle of Truvia.

I drink it every day. The only time I don’t is when I’m sick. During my pregnancy with Miss E, I couldn’t stomach it until the third trimester, not even a decaf! It was a sad time.

My go-to is the Donut Blend. I’m not brand loyal – I buy it from Dunkin Donuts, Archer Farms, Green Mountain, whatever happens to be on sale. Occasionally I switch it up, but not often.

Until now.

I’ve made a discovery.

About a year ago I started hearing ads for Community Coffee. I thought it was a new company, but then realized they’ve apparently been around since the early 1900’s. Who knew? I sure didn’t.

I remember thinking the name was weird and moved along. I started noticing it in my local grocery stores, but only as I was putting my Donut Blend into my cart. Then I got an email asking if I wanted to try their Private Reserve coffee. The company unveiled new packaging this spring as part of a brand refresh.

I’ve never said no to free coffee.

I immediately made a cup of the Rwanda Medium-Dark Roast. It was delicious. I started making it every day, even before finishing whatever blend was in our coffee container. Consider me converted.

Community Coffee is now my go-to brand to purchase. I’m eager to try some of the other beans/blends in the collection.

I was also thrilled to find out that starting March 1, Community Coffee is now served on all Southwest flights. Bonus for me, since at the end of the month I’ll be flying to California at the crack of dawn. Now I’ll be set.

Super cool fact – For every pound of Community coffee served on a Southwest flight, the airline and Community Coffee Company will provide funding to the ECOM Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on ensuring a better life for origin producers. The donations will fund educational programs to support the children, families, and farmers in Mexico where Community Coffee Company’s high-quality Arabica coffee beans are grown.

*I received two bags of ground coffee as a sample to try. No other compensation was received.

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