Tips for traveling without your kids

My husband and I are about to leave town for 8 days. EIGHT DAYS! We will be on our own, seeking out adventure and relaxation without our little minions tagging along. Yes, I’m excited. I am counting down the days, pre-packing my stuff, and loading up my Kindle.

I am so incredibly grateful we can do this. I’ve lived the life of no nearby family and expensive babysitters, and truly value time away with my main squeeze. Now I’ve got an amazing sister who thinks spending her spring break (she’s a high school teacher) hanging out with my boys is ideal. (For the right price, you can use her too!)

Here’s the thing though; first I’ve got to get to the airport.


Yes, I am so very, VERY excited. But, I’m also a “little” anxious. I’m an over thinker and sometimes a worrier. I KNOW this is going to be an amazing experience away with my husband. I even wrote a post right here last year saying how important it is to take advantage of these opportunities, and how “Good Parents Leave Their Kids Behind.”

Just because I know how awesome it’s going to be, doesn’t mean I’m not a mom concerned about leaving my sweet schmoopies at home.

Once I’m out of the house, and ready to board the plane, I can turn off Mommy mode. At that point, I can’t go back and write any other notes, pack (or unpack) anything else, second guess a travel plan… it’s wheels up and time to go. It’s about getting to that wonderful point when I’ve got my Starbucks in hand, and there’s not a sippy cup in sight. Truthfully, right now as I sit writing this for y’all, I’m hitting crunch time: taking some extra moments to breathe deeply, go over my lists, and snuggle my sweet boys just a little more. Granted, most of those moments are followed by those same sweet boys yelling at each other, destroying a room in the house, or wiping boogers on the wall… which actually is what gets me over the mommy guilt wall.

Mom Traveling with Starbucks

I’m going to keep pushing through the next few days though and let myself feel uncomfortable and uneasy. I’m going to be worried and anxious and type notes that my sister will laugh at. Because then, I’m going to get to the airport.

Then, I’m going to get my special treat coffee, I’m going to hold hands with my husband, and we’re going to set off on an adventure. Because after all, good parents DO actually leave their kids behind.

Tips for Traveling Without Your Kids

  • Write and sign a document allowing the person caring for your kids to seek medical treatment and make medical decisions in your absence.
  • Update the emergency contact information at school and let your children’s teacher know you’ll be out of town.
  • Make sure the carseats are installed correctly and ready to go.
  • If your kids are on any medications, or have medicine to take if they get sick (ibruprofin etc), leave dosage instructions. Better to the information out and not need it.
  • Leave a few pre-made meals behind, but don’t plan out everything. It’s kind of a vacation for your kids too. If they have chocolate chip pancakes or fast food for dinner while you’re gone… so what?!?
  • Remember, it will be okay! Things may not go exactly how they do when you’re there, and that’s just fine!
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