Small Business Spotlight: Pink Zebra

Hi! My name is Jayetta Donaldson and I am so excited to tell you about the company I choose to be a part of, Pink Zebra. I’ll be honest, when I first signed on it was only to receive all the amazing product that come in the starter kit at a discounted rate. I had tried direct sales in the past and wasn’t successful. I didn’t believe they worked for anyone who “got in too late in the game.” I thought most of them were schemes where only the people at the top had the opportunity to make money. Pink Zebra has taught me that was far from the truth. A good company with quality products and a good compensation plan can help anyone earn a decent income with direct sales.

Pink Zebra is a home fragrance and décor company that offers the unique ability to customize your fragrance and décor. Their offerings are different from other companies I had purchased from in the past. Their electric warmers were unique and had more of a homey feel. I love changing up my décor with the different seasons and holidays, and not only using their decorative shades over the electric simmering light bases but also just as decoration throughout my home. Candles and fragrances have been a love of mine since I was a very little girl so it seemed to be a match made in heaven.
Pink Zebra

I was actually out of town when I purchased the kit online. When I got home my package was waiting there at the door in an adorable pink zebra print box. Everything was packaged this way like it was just waiting to be gifted. I couldn’t wait to dig in and the whole family got involved smelling all the different sprinkles samples. All our soft soy wax comes in sprinkle form which gives you more control over the portions and the ability to customize your fragrance by mixing and blending with other sprinkle scents. Being in sprinkle form you can also make candles easily with our DIY candle kits. We had so much fun. The kids started playing scientist mixing up “recipes” and naming their own personal scent mixes. I posted some photos of us enjoying the products and my friends and family started asking about it and asked if they could order and the orders just kept coming. It was then I decided to really look as this as a business.

Pink Zebra Sprinkles

The Pink Zebra compensation plan allows you to make 25% to 35% commission off of your personal sales from day one. They have a quick start program in your first 90 days that rewards you for hitting certain goals with “pink dollars”, which is basically like store credit where you can buy additional product to keep for display or for personal use. As you sponsor people in the business you make a bonus commission off teams sales. Your pay check is all depending on you and how much time you decide to dedicate to your business. Direct Sales is meant to fit within your lifestyle and your schedule. That’s what is so great about it, you choose your hours, your time involved and when you get to take vacation time! Oh, did I mention Pink Zebra offers incentive trips as well? This year’s trip is to Costa Rica – all expenses paid!

I have been involved with Pink Zebra for a little over two years. I have been promoted twice and have also been asked to lead company sponsored rallies held four times a year all across America. My paychecks continue to increase each month and the few family members who were skeptics have now become believers in this business as well. The Pink Zebra fragrance line has expanded to now include soaks and soakable products that can be placed in areas with no electricity and also your vehicles! It just keeps getting better and better and with every catalog Pink Zebra surprises me with how they continue to outdo themselves. If anyone has any questions I would love to talk with you more about Pink Zebra products and the company as a whole! Simply contact me at or

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  1. MarlaKay says

    I agree, Pink Zebra is an awesome company! Another plus is the way they support single moms with their Heroes Program!

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