Small Business Spotlight: Thirty-One Gifts

*This week I am pleased to share the story of Theresa Baker, a Thirty One consultant.

My journey to Thirty-One Gifts took some time – almost a whole year. I initially learned about them because I saw a woman at my daughter’s day care carrying a bag that looked like a box with shoulder straps. It was such a pretty paisley pattern and stood up so straight, I couldn’t help but stop her and ask where she got it. When she replied “Thirty-One” I had no clue what she was talking about, but of course I acted like I had because I didn’t want to seem silly. That evening, I went online and Googled (As all people who need information do) exactly what Thirty-One was. I came across a vibrant website, with more than just rectangular bags.

Thirty One Products

There were purses, totes, wallets and jewelry. I had never heard of Thirty One before and I had no idea that it was a direct selling opportunity. At first, I connected with a Consultant in my area and hosted a Facebook party. Unfortunately, I didn’t make one sale. So I left the business alone for about six months, until one evening last December when I turned to my husband and said “I think I am going to sign up to become a Thirty-One Consultant”. Immediately he said…..”And what exactly is that?”

Fast forward two weeks and I became a full-fledged Independent Thirty-One Consultant. I have been on the team for about two months now and am loving every minute of it. I chose Thirty-One for two main reasons. As a mom, I truly felt their products made my life better. From the utility totes to their organizing bins, I have a feeling of organization and empowerment every time I use their products. They are not only functional, but stylish as well. The wallets and purses are so fashionable and I don’t have guilty feelings in toting them around all day while I’m with my kids. I own expensive, name-brand purses and wallets, but I always felt those should be reserved for special occasions rather than getting beat up and worn out with my daily routine.

My second reason for joining the company, was the mission by which they stand for. The name Thirty-One is derived from the Bible verse, Proverbs 31. In this verse, God describes the characteristics of a virtuous woman. One who takes care of herself and her family, by doing the things she needs to do to have success. Thirty-One is all about the empowerment of women and allowing them to come together to celebrate their success. I am the wife of a college football coach, and we move A LOT. Through Thirty-One I’m able to meet and connect with women in a fun and non-judgmental atmosphere through in-person and online parties.

The start-up investment into Thirty-One was very minimal, one of the lowest I have ever seen for a direct selling organization. For $99, every consultant receives over $400 of product to get started, along with marketing materials and a personal website. There is a monthly fee for maintenance of the website, but that too is a minimal monthly charge.

I spend approximately 10-15 hours per week working on my Thirty-One business. I host at least one online/Facebook party every month and try to conduct two in-person parties a month. The earning potential is limitless. You earn as much as you are willing to work. A lot of my sales are strictly online efforts and I find that to be the most profitable for my business. I utilize a lot of Facebook advertising and try to highlight at least one specific product a week.

The money I earn from Thirty-One is used for various things from kid’s activities, vacations, date nights, etc. My one rule of thumb is I always tithe at least 10% of any income I earn from the business. My feeling is since God allowed this path to open for me and has made it a success, I want to give back to the church in order for programs to be funded to help others and allow the church to be a place of safe haven in the community.
Thirty-One bags

The ability to work from home and have flexibility in my schedule is truly a benefit, especially since I have three kids. My suggestion to make it work is be true to your daily schedule and routine. Block off specific time to work on your business, just as you would if you were going to an office job every day. During your “working hours” only work on your business and it will provide good rewards.

Thirty-One has boosted my confidence in such a way that I do not see it as a job, but rather something fun I get to do while earning money. Of course I want to be successful, but sharing these products with my friends and family and hearing their success stories about how they have been able to organize, prioritize and simplify their lives is a reward all in itself. I am a firm believer that those who purchase and use these products enhance their lives. I can say that because I know that is my feeling with every product I use.

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