Small Business Spotlight: Noonday Collection

This week in our Small Business Spotlight, I was able to interview Bryce Batts, who sells the Noonday Collection.

Why Noonday? I love fashion, jewelry and accessories but what really hooked me is the story behind Noonday.  Noonday Collection was started only 5 years ago and was started as an adoption fundraiser; Jessica Honegger the founder was adopting from Rwanda and needed to raise money to bring her son home.  We have given over $250,000 in funds to over 1600 adoptive parents and give between 10-15% at adoption trunk shows.   I have a heart for orphans and vulnerable children so this really stood out to me as a way I could make a difference.  I have a friend who is adopting so before ever becoming an ambassador I hosted a trunk show in my home to help her raise funds to bring her child home.  At that point I decided I wanted to continue to make a difference by becoming an ambassador.

Noonday Collection

How long have you been doing it? I hosted a trunk show last September and launched my business in October of 2015.  I signed up the same night of my party!! I was that impacted by the work Noonday Collection is doing here and globally.

What are the start-up costs? My start up costs were pretty low. Noonday Collection has three different bundles you can choose from.  You can start with as little as $199.  That will cover the cost of your jewelry bundle and provide you with some displays. I spent about $300 up front on inventory and marketing materials and waited until I made some of my money back before investing in more samples.

What do you love about the products? Our products are made from over 4000 artisans in the most vulnerable communities around the world and 80% of our partners are women.  I love that our products are on trend, super stylish and truly empower women.  We are creating a flourishing world by giving these artisans dignified jobs so they can make a fair wage, through this their children are cherished and families stay together because these women can feed their children and send them to school.  Artisans are able to earn a dignified, reliable income through their work.

noonday collection narobi

What are the benefits to working for Noonday? Low cost to get started! As someone who has owned a retail business in the past I know the risk and cost of market entry is exorbitant.Other perks include a flexible schedule, you can put in 5-10 hours a week or more depending on how much money you want to make. Finally the most truly meaningful benefit to me are the connections made with adoptive families and the community of women I’ve come to know through this business. I also love knowing I am giving back and making a difference in these artisans’ lives.

What is the income potential? How much effort do you put into it? The average take home from one trunk show is $160 or more.  Considering a trunk show is only 2-3 hours this is a great hourly rate!  You can decide if you want to have 2 trunk shows a week or 1 month depending on your schedule and your reason for being a Noonday Ambassador.  We at Noonday say, “Noonday your way!”

How much time/hours per week do you spend?  I work a full time job and have two young girls so I put in an average of about five hours a week, sometimes more sometimes less just depending on if I have trunk shows booked and what the rest of my week looks like.

What do you use the money for?  The added income is great!! I use my fun money to give back to causes I’m passionate about and also for fun things like shopping, date night and manicures/pedicures.  A couple hundred extra each month gives me cushion in my budget to do the things I want to do for me! I know some of the ladies use this money to send their kids to dance or gymnastics or for a yearly vacation.

What are you tips for getting started?   Call/ Text/ Email me!! ( I would love to show you how you can work from home in your spare time and really make a difference!  Tap into the all those women you know who love jewelry, just want some extra income or want a reason to leave the kids at home 1-2 nights a week!  If you’re interested I would love to invite you to a Noonday trunk show or have coffee so we can chat about your goals.

Any challenges? I am so passionate about this business that I want everyone to know about it!!  However, with a finite amount of time my biggest challenge is connecting with people, making them aware of the Noonday story and carving out time together to multiply this story into other people. The best way to do that is in the homes of other ladies with their girlfriends!

Do you have any tips for working from home**? Like anything it takes time management, setting aside a couple hours a week to do what needs to be done or just hustling during your child’s nap time.  I don’t have a set schedule but carve out a little time each day when it’s convenient.

**Considering working from home? Check out our tips to make it easier!


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