Christmas Craft: Make Your Own Snowman Ornament

Each year I try to make a few ornaments with my girls. Some years we make several varieties. Truthfully some of them are just fun crafts that keep us busy on cold, snowy days and are automatically destined to go on our “kid tree.” Our “kid tree” is a small 4 ft. tree my husband I used our first holiday as a married couple that now holds all the ornaments our kids are allowed to touch. Each year the kids decorate their tree and redecorate it as they wish throughout the season. It’s been the single best trick to keep them from playing with all our special ornaments on the big tree.

Snowman ornament craft for kids

Even though a lot of our Christmas craft ornaments end up on the little tree our snowman ornaments have a permanent place on the big tree in the living room. I love their uniqueness. The glass balls fit perfectly among the antique glass ornaments that once belonged to my great-grandmother, the hand crocheted snowflakes my grandma made, and the ornaments we’ve brought home from our travels to remind us of the Christmas market in Germany, China Town, or Naples, Italy. These snowmen ornaments are adorable and quick to make. We’ve even made them with a group of kids at a gathering of family friends and everyone loved them.

Supplies needed to make a Snowman Ornament
colored felt
small colored pom poms
medium white pom poms (white tissue paper can also be used)
plain clear glass ornament balls
paint pens
hot glue gun and glue
scissorsQuick and Easy Snowman Christmas Ornament Craft

How to make a Snowman Ornament

Quick and Easy Snowman Christmas Ornament Craft

1. Remove the top from the ornament and fill the ball with white pom poms until you think it looks good. Put the top and hanger back on.

Quick and Easy Snowman Christmas Ornament Craft

2. Pick a couple colors of felt to make your snowman’s hat. The size of your hat will depend on the size of your glass ornament. Cut a small skinny triangle to make the main part of the hat. Cut a strip of your other color to make the cuff of your hat. Using the hot glue gun glue a the strip onto the hat along the base of the triangle. Fold the triangle over to give the hat a floppy look and glue it down. Glue a small pom pom to the end. Now glue the hat onto the top of the ornament so that the hat looks like the glass ball is wearing a hat.


Quick and Easy Snowman Christmas Ornament Craft


Quick and Easy Snowman Christmas Ornament Craft

3. Using the paint pens draw a face in the middle of the ball below the hat. Black circles for eyes, smaller black circles for a mouth, and an orange triangle to make a carrot shaped nose. If you would like to make your snowman a little bit more girlish you can add some eyelashes and pink circles for rosy cheeks.

Quick and Easy Snowman Christmas Ornament Craft

Quick and Easy Snowman Christmas Ornament Craft

4. If you would like you or your child can write their name and the year on the back to make the ornament more of a keepsake.

Quick and Easy Snowman Christmas Ornament Craft

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    What a great idea! Pinning to try with my son. And laughing at the “tree they can touch.” We’ve always had one real tree. This year we bought a fake one specifically for the playroom and for the kids.

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