TOUCH Coffee Maker – not as good as a Keurig – BETTER!

Ahhhhh, coffee. Pretty much the best thing ever invented on the planet. Without it? Well, let’s just say it would be a sad, sad world.

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I adore my coffee and it’s a necessity in the mornings. When I worked full-time, we didn’t make coffee at home except on the weekends. I just drank several cups of whatever was at the office or I made a trip to Starbucks (ok, a LOT of trips to Starbucks.)

But when we had kids, it was time to figure something out. Our regular old coffee pot was not going to cut it. I needed fast and easy and only one cup at a time. So my mom bought us a Keurig. The heavens rejoiced!

I’ve been a Keurig girl for some time now. We used both a variety of K-Cups and the reusable coffee filter. I prefer the reusable filter because it’s more affordable and better for the environment. Plus you can control the strength of your coffee better.

Last year we tried out the Keurig 2.0 and I wasn’t a fan. We had a few problems with it and I hated that we couldn’t use our own coffee. So we got rid of it and went back to our original Keurig, which still worked. However, I noticed that our coffee was lacking flavor. Each cup just seemed sort of blah and weak.

So we bought a French Press. HOLY AMAZING! Why did we wait so long to get one?

But sometimes I still want my coffee super fast and easy in the morning, like when I’m rushing to get the kids out the door. Sure I could wait until I get back home, but who wants that? Not this girl.

Then someone contacted me to see if I wanted to try out the TOUCH coffee maker single serve brewing system. Okay. I’m certainly not going to turn down anything that has to do with coffee.

You guys. It’s awesome. Just like my Keurig, but better. The coffee tastes better. It heats up faster. I have more options for how big of a cup I want. I can make a carafe on Sunday mornings so both my husband and I can have multiple cups should we so desire.

Touch Coffee Maker

The model we received was the Touch Brewer T526S. It retails for $250 on Amazon. Each model has a 90 oz. water tank and heats up in roughly 30 seconds. The entire brewing process takes about a minute. This model offers eight cup options: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 ,16 18 and 26 oz (fill the carafe, which it comes with).

The first time I used the machine I thought it was a little loud, but not nearly as loud as my Keurig. Now I’m used to it and don’t even notice a sound.

It, of course, has the Refill Jumbo Cup, which we use every day. This way I can use whatever brand of coffee I want and add as much or as little grounds as I prefer.


Touch offers a few different single serve brewers ranging in price from $190 to the $250. They also offer a commercial option so if you need something for your office, here you go.

If you are in the market for a single-serve system for your home, I highly recommend the TOUCH Brewing Systems. It’s a perfect holiday gift, sure to make the coffee lover in your family a super happy person.


I received a sample single serve brewer for the purpose of this review. No additional compensation was received. The Amazon link above is an affiliate link, which means if you buy from it, I might get a free cup of coffee!


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  1. Archer says

    We love our Touch T526. I just wish we could get an extra jumbo refill cup. We had a Keurig only for a short time. Returned it. We do have a Gaggia espresso maker also. Love both.

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