Whoa, I have time.

On Sept 30, my work contract ended. I made a decision not to pursue more work at this time so I can enjoy my favorite season of the year, volunteer at the kid’s schools and do a few house projects.

I’ve “officially” had no work for twelve work days. It’s been SO weird. Making dinner hasn’t been stressful in the least. I’ve had time to prep each meal and peruse recipe books/sites. I still don’t love cooking but I honestly had no idea it could be like this.

I’ve found small pockets of time that I can fill as I see fit.

Now let’s be clear, I’m not lounging around, eating doughnuts and watching Netflix all day (although ONE day soon I’m going to do just that). But I’ve been able to spend time on things that normally would have caused additional stress. I spent an entire morning at the car place last week.  Instead of freaking out about trying to get on a call or answering emails, I watched The Voice on HULU. I’m also helping to plan my 20 year high school (GASP) reunion so there’s research to be done and idea swapping to be had. Plus our neighborhood is in the middle of a huge school reassignment battle and I’ve been able to be an active participant.

It’s been crazy and I’m sort of loving it.

This week, Miss E has a field trip and next week a fall festival that I’ll be attending. Then of course we have all the Halloween activities — all things I would have done anyway, but I wouldn’t have been “all there.” I’d be worried about a FB or Instagram post or brainstorming campaign ideas. This way I get to be fully present.

Life is still life, though. I still get to the end of some days and wonder how I didn’t manage to get my house cleaned. And I know myself. This is fun for now, but come January I’ll be itching for a new project.

Today though I’m going to enjoy it. Today I’m going to leisurely sip my coffee then clean up the kitchen. I might organize my office; I might not. We’ll see.

Coffee quote


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