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Finding time for myself can be challenging.  I’m talking about the time where I can be alone in a quiet spot and have time to reflect and think. Running errands alone does not equate “me time”.  Taking a quick shower while my kids are distracted or asleep does not count either. I’m talking about sitting somewhere comfortable with nothing to distract me.

Between packing, moving, unpacking & getting settled into our new life, I have not had much time for myself me.  No. I haven’t made the time for myself.  I have not made ME a priority, everyone and everything else has been put first.  It’s an easy trap to fall into and it can be difficult to escape.

Then it happened.

For the first time in six years all three kids were in school at the same time.  It was quiet in my house. Everything was still. Even the cats were sleeping.  Is this what I have been missing for the past six years?  The stillness, the quietness, the loneliness?  Yes, the loneliness.  I was expecting to feel relieved to be able to get what I needed accomplished without a kid in tow. But I felt lonely.  I needed to fill the void so I decided to be a little selfish and dedicate some of this time to myself.


Me time at it's best.
Me time at it’s best.

Relaxing for the first time in weeks. Just me and my thoughts. For the first time in years, I’ve been able to have multiple days with 4+ hours to myself while my children were in school. At first I thought I was being selfish to want this time, but I quickly found that it is quite the opposite.   I had no idea what I was missing by not consistently dedicating time to myself over the past few years. Of course, some of that time is used for running errands and cleaning the house. It’s also my time to refocus.  I have also been able to get to the gym, relax with my coffee, catch up with friends and even have a morning date with the hubs. (Day date?!  Yes,  I HIGHLY recommend it!)


In the past, working out was the only time I could find true me time since my gym offered child care.  My time at the gym gave me serenity I needed even though I was working hard to get my butt whipped into shape.  But these few hours a week that I dedicated to the gym was a turning point in my life as a mother.  When I have time focus on myself and realign my priorities, my thoughts and release any stress at the gym I am a better person, a better wife and a better mother.

I am blessed to be a SAHM and have the opportunity to take me back again while all three kids are in school.  Everyone needs that moment to re-center themselves. Everyone needs to take a chance to re-focus on what they can do to make it through the day.  Even if it is the few minutes of silence before everyone wakes up in the morning or after everyone goes to sleep at night, this time is a necessity for me.

What do you do to re-center yourself?

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