Healthy and not-so healthy Halloween treats


Like most kids, my children LOVE Halloween. My son especially loves helping decorate with spiders, spider webs, ghosts, pumpkins, and jack-o-lanterns. Maybe I piqued their interest because it’s one of my favorite holidays.  I have always loved dressing up and who doesn’t love the absurd amount of candy?  As a parent, I do try my best to give my children candy and treats in moderation. But at this time of year, it can be difficult to do, especially when they catch me eating a bag of candy corn in the pantry. This year I decided to find some healthier seasonal treats for my kids.

I did have a “small” obstacle. I have an allergy to ginger.  Yes, I know…it’s a strange allergy, but ginger makes me very sick. No ginger means most of the seasonal pumpkin spiced foods, that are all the rage, are not options for me. I want things that we can allenjoy together.  Here are a few ideas that are working for my family.  (I am no where near a professional chef, so please ignore my amateur attempt at decorating)

Orange “pumpkins”
As pictured above, this is simply peeling a small seedless orange, clementine or tangerine and sticking a pretzel in the top. Voila! It looks like a pumpkin.  My kids loved this super simple yet festive idea.  They ate it and then asked for another. Funny thing was, my son had flat out refused to eat an orange earlier in the day!  If making an orange look like a pumpkin gets him to eat it, I’ll do it every time.


Pumpkin Rice Krispy treats.
This is a simple treat as well. Make Rice Krispy’s treats as you normally would, except when melting the butter and marshmallows together add orange food coloring until it’s blended well. Then mix in the cereal. Let it cool slightly after it’s been mixed up. Coat hands in oil and form pumpkin balls. I used the pre-package small frosting writers to frost in the face and stem.  The kids were able to make and decorate a few by themselves which made a perfect rainy day activity/snack I actually made three extra to go in their lunches the next day; however, the hubs decided to eat them for his dessert instead.  He says they were delicious.


Ghost Bananas and Strawberries.
I consider this a Pinterest win because they were fantastic, but my artistic skills for chocolate dipped fruit is LACKING! They weren’t pretty, but my family didn’t care because they tasted amazing.  I melted white baking chocolate per the directions on the package and dipped banana halves and strawberries into it. Then I took the frosting pen and made the faces. When I brought them out for dessert, excitement filled the air. (We don’t typically do dessert, unless there is a healthy twist to it or it’s a special occasion.) I know that White Chocolate isn’t the healthiest options as chocolate goes, but it’s delicious with bananas and strawberries.


Candy Corn JELLO treats.
Layering JELLO is pretty easy, but it is time consuming. First thing you do is make the first layer. Since I was making candy corns, I did yellow first. I made the JELLO with the cup of boiling water, a large spoonful of cool whip and about a ¾ cup of cold water. Then I put the JELLO into the glasses. I let it sit in the fridge until it was set.   Then made the orange JELLO exactly the same way and let it cool off on the counter.  Then I poured it on top of the yellow layer in the glasses. (If the second layer isn’t cool, it will melt the yellow and blend in). After it set I topped it with cool whip. OK, not exactly the healthiest, but way better than some options out there. Plus it’s SO cute and fun.  My kids see JELLO as a special treat and JELLO gives me nostalgic feelings, so I’m all for it.


What are some Halloween treats you love?

*Ingredients used are ones that I opted to use. I was not compensated or given any samples to write about.

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