More Than Just an Apple – 6 Gifts Your Teacher Will Love

May and June are just as busy as November and December, at least that’s how it is in our family. Sometimes I daydream about being the mom who can put together some super cute, crafty teacher gifts, but that’s just not me. With end of the school year festivities, graduations, family vacations, and whatever else you have going on, coming up with an idea for the perfect teacher gift can get lost in the shuffle. That’s why I’ve put together this list for you. These gifts are easy, affordable, and perfect for ANY teacher. After all of the work they’ve done teaching and taking such good care of our kids, they really do deserve a little something extra.

6 Gifts Your Teacher Will Love (1)

DIY Fruit Basket - This is more than just an apple for the teacher. Head out to your local farmers market or just to the grocery store and collect a few traditional fruits. Arrange them in a cute basket (like this one from the Dollar Tree) and deliver it to your favorite teacher. It’s a little bit of a throwback gift, and lets your teacher know you were thinking of them.

Car Wash - Teachers spend a lot of time doing a lot of things for their classrooms. Sometimes that means their cars suffer. You can go as big or as small as you want with this one. You can get a gift card from your local car detailing shop for the works, or make your own paper gift card with $10 for the drive thru wash at the nearby gas station. I can promise you, your teacher will appreciate either of these.

Target Gift Card - Who doesn’t like a Target gift card? I know this might seem like a little bit of a “gimmie”, but don’t feel bad getting something simple like a gift card to the store that pretty much everyone loves. Male, female, young, old, there is something for EVERYONE at Target.

Water Bottle/Tumbler - Most teachers drink a lot of water to keep their voices going all. day. long. You can give the water tumbler that keeps them going all summer long. The sky is the limit with options in the water bottle department with every shape, size, and color available. If you want to add a little something extra, you can hide a litte $5 Starbucks card inside.


Movie Box - Did you know that you can get Red Box gift certificates? Make a pretty presentation with a cool basket or gift bag and give your favorite teacher a great reason to have a relaxing night at home. You can purchase a Red Box gift certificate (starting at $10), add in a package of microwave popcorn and a box of candy to make the total movie night package.

Handwritten Note - This is the one and only must on the whole list. None of these gifts are complete without this simple add on. A handwritten note from a student is such an incredible gift as a teacher and can definitely stand on its own. The only thing that can even compare is a handwritten note from you. Do you think your child’s teacher has done a great job this year? Tell them. It really will mean more than you know.

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  1. says

    Great list! My sis is an English teacher so her favorite gifts are Amazon gift cards or gift cards to her local bookstore. She so looks forward to reading for FUN in the summer!!

    • says

      My sister is too. :) She teaches HS English and she actually suggested the water tumbler gift. One of the favorites she’s received at her current gig. :)

  2. says

    As a former teacher, these are all really thoughtful gifts! Teachers love healthy and everyone could use a car wash, movie night, or a Target gift card! Thanks for the great ideas and I’ll be sharing this with fellow room parents at our school!

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