Let’s Go Shopping with LulaRoe and Tiffany Coley

Last night I had a much needed Girls Night Out. A friend of mine hosted a LulaRoe Pop-Up Shop, so not only did we get to hang out with friends sans kids but we also got to shop for new clothes. WIN WIN!

LuLaRoe is a women’s fashion brand that offers tunics, leggings, skirts and dresses for women and girls. They sell mainly through in-home parties with the best part being you take it home off the rack. No waiting for special orders. You can order through a consultant’s Facebook page and have it shipped within a few days.

Your sales person sets up shop in a room in your home and everyone can come and go at their own pace. My friend had a space set up in her basement (complete with mirrors!) for us to try stuff on.

LuLuRoe Party

LulaRoe is known for their butter-soft leggings and tunics. The tunics are great because they cover your (ahem) assets. We all know how up in arms people get when leggings don’t cover your rear. The leggings are ridiculously soft, although I didn’t initially buy a pair as they come in some really funky patterns that I can’t quite pull off.

Speaking of patterns, I love this pattern on Amy from Somebody’s Parents’ tunic and the Randy Tee on our hostess.

LuLaRoe Tops

I ended up purchasing the awesome Amelia dress, which has super cute pleats and POCKETS! This little black dress is going to get a lot of wear this year. I am envisioning a chunky belt or a fun statement necklace.

Amelia dress luluroe

I also bought a super cute maxi skirt that will be just perfect with flip flops and tank top come summertime.

Wondering about the prices? My dress was $55 and the skirt was $35. Tunics run around $30 and the leggings are $25. Totally affordable! And your little girls can get in on the action too. They have adorable dresses that TWIRL and lots of leggings for age two to tweens!


If you don’t have a local consultant near you, you can find PLENTY of sellers on Facebook. Many of them have weekly sales on their page and are constantly getting in new inventory. Here are a few I frequent:


LuLaRoe Martin Party

Shop LulaRoe Julie Cash

READBecoming a LuLaRoe Consultant

At the party, we also were lucky enough to get to shop Tiffany Coley Artisan Jewelry too. Tiffany is a personal friend of mine and I am in total awe of her talent and creativity. She makes handcrafted artisan jewelry from metal and she’s mostly self-taught! The jewelry in the Amelia Dress photo above is hers too.

Be sure and check out her Etsy shop!

Tiffany Coley Artisan Jewelry

Need a bracelet to go with your new outfit? Consider a piece from KEEP Collective.

Keep collective summer collection


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  1. says

    LOVE the dress with the pockets! Looks so flattering on you and also really busy for when your hands are full. I have to look to see if other colors for the dress.

  2. Ramona Greene says

    I have just found out about Lula Rae clothing. Pulling up on the internet does not really give me the info I would like to know. How to become a consultant? What is my commission for being a consultant? Where can I see the full line of the clothes? Should I talk to a consultant to get all of this info?

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