I ran into an old friend – me

This weekend was a weekend unlike any weekend I’d had in awhile. I saw someone I hadn’t seen in quite a long time.


You see, this weekend I had a chance to connect with all facets of my life. I had business moments, family moments, marriage moments and friendship moments.  It was a miracle to say the least and a much needed one.

How often do we really get to be our whole selves? I’d missed her.

At the beginning of the year, I embarked on this quest to take back me. It’s been a slow process, one that honestly gets the pause button pressed continuously and often.

But this weekend…this weekend I hit play and just let life run its course.

I spent Friday downtown at a women’s entrepreneurial event and had the opportunity to speak about branding. It reminded me of how far I’ve come in my career and how much I have to offer.

Friday night my soul was fed as I met some of my dearest friends for dinner. We realized it had been ten months since the last time all five of us had gotten together. TEN MONTHS and we all live in the same area! It was just what  I needed. We ate, drank, laughed and bonded as if no time had passed…and promptly got the next get together on the calendar!

Saturday was full of parties and festivals. The kids ran and played all day. Then my sister kindly took the kids for the night and J and I had the house to ourselves. We honestly didn’t know what to do. We leisurely decided where to go to dinner and made our way out whenever we felt like it. There was no yelling at anyone to hurry up or to put their shoes on and we didn’t have to make sure anyone had pottied before we left. Breakfast Sunday morning was a rare treat indeed. We ate in silence. No one tried to eat the food off our plate or yelled for a napkin or more of anything! And I finished my coffee without having to microwave it. SCORE.

After I got showered and dressed (at my own pace, with the music blaring), I went to scoop up the kids. We had a marvelous day, full of family. We saw both grandmothers, grandfather, two aunts and an uncle. We talked and ate and ran around outside. The kids were pooped. Bed time was a bit of a ruckus, but instead of being utterly irritated, I took a deep breath and was instead incredibly grateful.

I am lucky.

I get caught up in the small stuff,  in the stuff I can’t control, in the stuff I think I should be doing or not doing, in the stuff we don’t have. But this weekend, as I saw my whole self, in the midst of all that is my life, I was reminded that life is good.

Life is so very good.



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  1. says

    Honestly, I feel like I am in the exact same place and I love the way you sum this up. It is so true that for the first time in, oh, FIVE YEARS I am seeing myself again, too. Wonderful perspective and yes, you have tons to offer.

  2. says

    I’m in this place too. My husband and I finally got away for a few days this week for our anniversary and it was the first time ever that I got to be Allison instead of mommy for a long period of time. I’m glad you had a great weekend to reconnect with yourself.

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