Tomorrow it all changes

I can’t believe kindergarten starts tomorrow.

It seems like just yesterday we were starting preschool. It seems like just yesterday that he looked like this.

starting preschool


I find myself nervous. I don’t exactly know why. I know in my heart of hearts that he’ll be fine. He’s excited and ready to learn, that’s for sure!

But kindergarten starts a new phase of life. We can’t turn back from here. Gone is my baby and in his place is a sweet boy with the whole world at his fingertips. I hope he makes good choices. I hope he finds good friends. I hope his teachers push his just enough and encourage him the rest of the way.

My heart is conflicted. It’s full of love and excitement, but I also mourn the innocence that is about to be left behind.

The world is a big place and can be oh so overwhelming at times.

Open your wings my boy. It’s time for you to fly.

first day of kindergarten - aidan

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