My son has a shadow

I watched you on the dance floor. You stomped your feet. You pleaded with him. He just ignored you.

All you wanted in the entire world was to dance with your brother.

No one else would do. Not your seven year old cousin, who so graciously bowed at your feet and offered you his hand. Not the funny friend of your uncle. Not even Daddy. No one would do but your brother.

He is your everything.

I see it every day.

You run behind him wherever he goes, yelling his name, hoping he’ll slow down.


I hear the frustration and tears in your voice. It’s a matter of seconds before you dissolve.


It’s not the he doesn’t want to play with you sweetheart, he just sometimes wants to play by himself. He gets tired of playing Elsa and Babies and Puppies with you. He wants to do his own thing, to be a big boy and not have his baby sister tag along behind him.

I know you don’t understand. And even if you did, that wouldn’t make you feel any better. You just want to be with him, play with him, laugh with him ALL. THE. TIME.

It’s amazing when it happens. The other night you two were giggling with joy for at least an hour. I didn’t dare go upstairs for fear of interrupting whatever piece of heaven was taking place. When it was time to say goodnight, he looked at you with a sheepish grin on his face and said, “Do you want to play again tomorrow sissy?”

You beamed.

It’s going to be this way for the next 13 years. You’re going to want to do the things he does, to tag along for the ride. He’ll see his shadow and not be able to shake it.

He’s not always going to want you there.

But that’s okay. You’ll see. There will be times you’ll want to be on your own too.

He loves you. Know that. Even now, at the age of five, he appreciates having his own playmate at his beck and call.

He can’t always be in charge and he has to share. You teach him that every single day.

Your relationship is priceless. I hope it always stays this way.

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