We finally jumped on the tablet bandwagon

Stop the presses. I bought a tablet. And Mr. A now has a LeapPad.

The world must be ending…or something.

As we were planning for our trip to Disney Land, I just couldn’t fathom the two 3-4 hour legs with nothing. I mean, I could read, but the kids? 6+ hours of coloring books just wasn’t going to cut it.

After literally a year of toying with the idea and hours and hours of research, I landed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro . It was a stressful decision for me. For one, I’m an iPhone girl, so I always assumed that I’d get an iPad. But when it came time for the purchase…I just couldn’t.

My husband has the Galaxy phone. We have a Samsung Smart TV and…I’m due a new phone pretty soon. Yes, I’m talking about jumping off the Apple train and joining the Android family.

I know. I can’t even talk about it.

Anyway, I got the Galaxy Tab Pro, 8 inch, and I’m really liking it.
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

On the flight to California, Miss E was able to watch Frozen and was happy as a clam. I was also able to use our Netflix app in the hotel room if nothing age appropriate was on the television.

At the actual conference, I used the Tab Pro in place of my laptop. I bought a blue tooth keyboard and was able to take notes, tweet and Facebook from the meeting rooms. It was much easier than carting around my heavy computer.

As for the kids, I was offered the chance to check out the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra. I was on the fence, but am now totally happy that we decided to go for it.
LeapPad Ultra

Both kids really love it. The ONLY downside I can come up with is that the games are a lot more expensive than apps on a regular tablet. Prices range from $7.50 for a game all the way up to $25. I won’t lie. We haven’t purchased many games. They are a birthday, Christmas, special occasion type of gift.

It’s really durable and has survived being dropped multiple times. We also had an incident with some bodily fluids (someone got car sick) and we managed to clean it up pretty well with some screen wipes and Lysol.

I like the LeapPad because I know Mr. A can play with it and watch whatever he wants without finding questionable content, thanks to the kid-safe browser. This makes me much more comfortable with him playing with it without adult supervision.

The LeapPad Ultra is recommended for kids 4 to 9, but my 3 year old can still manage to find something to entertain herself with. I think most kids would really enjoy it.

If you already own a tablet and it’s full of games for your kids, you might not need the LeapPad. Of course, you have to be willing to share with your kids. If the tablet is strictly for mom & dad, the LeapPad is a great alternative that the whole family can feel good about. The Ultra retails for around $150.

I received a LeapPad Ultra in exchange for my honest opinions. I purchased my Samsung all myself. All opinions are my own.

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