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We have a TON of baby/kid stuff, so it’s not too often that I rave about something new and different. I was fortunate to get some product samples from a cool company called Piyo Piyo that I had the chance to check out since the arrival of our second child. Their products range in age – so some were for our little girl (almost two) and some for our newborn baby boy. Here’s the scoop on what we got and I’ll admit – I’m a fan of everything we tried.

Piyo Piyo Toilet Seat

My daughter LOVES this seat – it attaches to the regular toilet so you don’t need a separate seat. She’s been potty-training for over a month and likes to feel like she’s on “Mommy’s potty” and not her “little girl” potty. She loves the bright colors and the duck, fish, sandcastle, etc… It’s soft and easy to use. Definitely a winner in our house already! Plus, we only had only two potties and three toilets, so it’s perfect for our house.

Piyo Piyo soft toilet seat


Piyo Piyo Nasal Aspirator

Umm, this thing is GENIUS. I work at a hospital and have the hospital grade nose sucker, but it has got nothing on this contraption. It looks weird and you worry you’re going to inhale snot, but really, it allows you to draw the snot/boogers/goop from your baby’s nose way better than any regular nose sucker ever could. And while my son didn’t love it, he hated the regular nose sucker too, so it really wasn’t any different. I guess it’s like the Nose Frieda – which I had never heard of and haven’t tried, but the Piyo Piyo version worked GREAT for us.

Duckling Toddler Pillow

When she’s sleepy, my daughter loves to lay on a “puddle” (pillow) and have me “tickle” her (scratch her back). When I showed this pillow to her, she yelled “DUCKY!” and hugged it, so I think we have toddler approval on this one. She hugs it than she really lays on it, but it makes her happy so we give it two thumbs up.

duckling toddler pillow piyo piyo

Bento Box

While my two-year old is not quite eating sushi yet, I love this little lunchbox. It has a nice removable divider, which is great for my daughter as she likes to have lots of variety in her lunch. It will also work well for when she’s older and may just carry a sandwich since the divider comes out. We use it mainly when we go out to dinner and she likes it – plus, it has its own little plate and spoon included too!

PiyoPiyo Bento Box, perfect for littles

Piyo Piyo Pure Water Baby Wipes

These wipes are THICK. I like to use them more for mealtime messes on the go than as diaper wipes and they work great. They aren’t so “wet” that you have to wring them out, which I also appreciate. Even better – I can feel comfortable using them to wipe my newborn’s face since they have no chlorine or alcohol.

Overall, big fan of Piyo Piyo. To check them out visit www.piyopiyousa.com.

I received product samples for the purpose of this review. Affiliate links are included in this post. All opinions are my own.

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