Choose to get outside your bubble

by Erin L. on May 12, 2014

There are many, many things in the world that deserve our attention.

Whether it’s war torn countries, children starving across the globe or in our own backyard, illnesses, #bringbackourgirls or a multitude of other serious things, there is always, ALWAYS  someone that needs our help.

It’s overwhelming.

I want to help. I want to make a difference, however small it may be, but how? How do I choose between ALL. THE. THINGS?

It’s too much sometimes. I become paralyzed and do nothing.

Which is the worst thing.

I crawl into my bubble that is my life, my family, my city, my world. I react to only what is directly in front of me, all the while a little voice is saying “you can do more, even if just a little.”

Years ago, I volunteered with the Make a Wish Foundation, then I joined the Junior League of Raleigh and worked with kids in the school system. I donated to a few different charities and felt I was playing my part. You can’t take on the weight of the world, but you can pick and choose and DO SOMETHING.

Then I had kids. Raising them became all encompassing and consumed all of my time.

I stopped doing something. Sure, I wrote checks out to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and donated clothing and household items to our local rescue mission, but it didn’t feel enough.

It was a silly thought, feeling enough. Each individual can make a difference that matters, no matter how small or insignificant the action may feel.

We can all make a difference, on a local level, on a global level. We just have to choose.

That’s right. We need to make a choice.

It can be so easy to let the vast amount of wrong in the world choke all the air out of our lungs and leave us motionless. But we need to push through, move forward and CHOOSE.

Do you choose a local organization, like a food bank or local hospital? Do you pick something on a larger scale like CompassionSole Hope or Vitamin Angels?

I am in awe of what some of my fellow bloggers are doing to make this world a better place. Sometimes I let the inadequacy seep in, but I need to make it stop. This is about me, what I can do, what I can manage.

Choose what speaks to you, what calls out to your heart, feeds your soul and be okay with it.

What you can do is ENOUGH. Whether it’s time or money, it’s enough.

It is.

You just have to get outside your bubble and choose.



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