My creativity is zapped

We’re home again. No preschool due to ice, which is totally INSANE since I was in flip flops the day before yesterday.

Stupid Mother Nature. Can’t winter just go already? (I’m currently writing my own winter lyrics to Let It Go in my head. The kids are whining and my head’s going to explode. Coffee doesn’t help. I’m not up to code.)

This morning we have watched a movie, played games on the LeapPad, read books and colored/practiced writing our name. And it’s only 10:30.
Snow day reading

Now I’ve sent them off to play together before we make some cupcakes (because my body SOOO needs that).

A few weeks ago, my friend Andrea and I started a little video series over on BabyCenter called Chatting Childhood. We’ve only made two videos because…you guessed it, Mother Nature keeps screwing with us.

But our last video may be entertaining for you, given that most of us are at home…again.

What are y’all doing today?

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