It’s time to take back ME!

by Erin L. on February 3, 2014

Today starts a new phase of my life — a phase where I make ME a priority.

I’ve been dejected lately and not happy – with my body, with my appearance, with the way I feel, parent, keep up my house etc.

Things need to change.

So today I’m taking ME back.


How am I going to do that you ask? By making a few changes in my every day life.

1) Drink more water.
I don’t get nearly enough and this is the easiest way to make your body feel better. Water helps with your skin, your stomach, headaches, etc. Eight glasses a day or more here I come. I also plan to start my day with warm lemon water. I have read SO many articles describing the benefits of lemon, so we’re going to give it a shot.

2) Get to the gym three times a week.
Bring on the Zumba and weight training! Biceps here I come!

3) Start doing yoga again.
I love yoga, but I haven’t done it in years. In fact, I think the last class I attended was when my son was six months old and I was still nursing. (Lactating during hot yoga was SUPER fun!)

4) Revamp my beauty regiment.
I can’t deny I’m getting older. New wrinkles have suddenly appeared overnight. I thought the one on the left side of my face was a sleep crease until it didn’t go away. I use a moisturizer every day, but I’m on the hunt for a new eye cream and something to help with my rosacea.

5) No self deprecating talk.
This is going to be a challenge. Yesterday someone told me my license picture was beautiful and I started say to “uggg, really?” but instead I just nodded and said “thank you.”

6) Make time for ME.
This can mean reading a book, having coffee with a friend or just sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air. Eventually it’s going to mean taking a step out and into acting. Before Mr. A was born, I was taking classes and gearing up for auditions. I’m ready to start that again.

Life gets busy and sometimes we forget about the most important person in our lives – OURSELVES. It’s time to that back.

Throughout this week, I’ll be focusing on different aspects of my goals. I’ll also be instagramming my journey at #takebackME. I hope you’ll join me.

Let’s do this.

For more on #takebackME, check out my posts on skin care and listening to your body.

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