How’s it going? #takebackme

It’s truth time, party people.

How am I doing with this whole #takebackME?

Honestly, considering I got a major cold at the end of last week, I think I’m doing okay. I’ve been to the gym three times times – once just to run, once for Zumba and once for an awesome barre/sculpt class! I would have stepped it up a bit more, but not being able to breathe will put a damper on a workout.

I’ve been having smoothies almost every day with coconut milk and spinach.  The lemon water thing has been a challenge. When I get up, the kids want breakfast and I’m running around. By the time I have a second to myself to make the cup of water, I’m hungry and want something more than that.  Oh well.  Lemon still has great properties so I’m going to try to put lemon juice just in my regular water throughout the day.

Speaking of water, it is HARD to get 64oz. in a day.  What I’m doing right now is not working.  If I get to the gym, then I have been able to get close but on non-gym days, it’s been hard for me to even get to 48oz.

I’ve been really proud of myself about my nighttime habits.  Whether I’m in front of the TV catching up on Dexter or Walking Dead or reading a book, I like to eat or drink. I’m talking hot cocoa with Baileys, ice cream, cookies or whatever treats we have in the house.  All of last week I ended my day with a cup of tea instead. Go me! (I did splurge on some ice cream over the weekend!)

Over the next week, I want to step things up at the gym and plan a coffee date or two with some friends.  It’s so important to find time for your friends. Even an hour invigorates the soul!

I started a Facebook group and now have 72 people in our own little community.  It’s so awesome to have others on this journey with me – to get ideas from and be inspired by! (Want to join us?  Shoot me a message!)

Are you trying to #takebackME?  How are you doing so far?

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