Get thee to a dermatologist

I’ve had a mole on the outside of my right arm FOREVER.  It has literally been there for as long as I can remember.  About five years ago (or maybe more), I finally got it checked.  The doctor wasn’t concerned, but said we should definitely watch it.

Over this last year, I noticed a few new moles – one on my hand and one on my back.  Now I have a lot of tiny moles and freckles on my arms and legs, but for some reason, these two have bugged me.

So last week, after putting it off and putting it off, I finally called my dermatologist.  I also have Rosacea, and have been meaning to see if I could get any sort of topical cream as it is OUT OF CONTROL.

I’m letting go of my pride and sharing this picture with you for two reasons. One, I’ve had several people tell me that I have great skin and they highly doubt I have a problem. Proof is in the pudding folks! Thank goodness for the invention of foundation and concealer. Second, a lot of people, women in particular, suffer from Rosacea, but don’t know there’s a name for it or that there are ways to tame it.

Anyway, this morning, I woke up, left the make-up out of my routine and took the kids to camp.  I then headed to the doctor’s office, unsure of what might take place.

My doctor, whom I ADORE, came in, we chatted a bit and then she got to taking a look at my skin. She looked at them through a magnifying glass and measured them. She wasn’t worried about my hand, but told me to watch it. The newer one on my back, which was much darker than most of my moles, and the one on my arm, which was much more red in tone than the others, had her a wee bit concerned. She recommended “scraping” them. I didn’t exactly know what that entailed other than they would be biopsied, but I said sure. Two minutes later, I was getting a shot of numbing solution in both spots and a few minutes later we were done. Moles removed. Band-aids applied.

dermatologist appt

In a few weeks, I’ll get the results. If they are abnormal, I’ll go back in a few months for a re-check. If they are normal, then I can go back in 1-2 years for my next appointment.

I’m not worried. I know I’m being proactive. And while my “boo-boos” are a little tender, it was the right and smart thing to do.

So you out there. Yes, you. You need to go see a dermatologist. Get a skin check. Keep track of any unusual moles or skin abnormalities. There are even apps that will help you track any changes in your skin. Check out SkinScan.  (Thanks Robyn, for the tip!)

It is vital that we take care of ourselves. While you’re at it, schedule a physical with your primary physician too.

I am clearly not a doctor. It’s just little ol’ me, caring about little ol’ you.


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    I just went 2 years ago for the first time in ages. I had several removed growing up. The dermatologist immediately was concerned about one on my back that I could hardly see and, yes, I quickly agreed to the scraping too (although she called it ‘shaving’?). It sounded like it had to be better than my memories of getting them surgically removed and stitches as a kid. I was surprised how uncomfortable it was once the numbness wore off. Might have been partly location since the skin stretched whenever I bent over. Go figure my return visit ended up being the minor surgery as it was deeper than expected and, embarrassingly, I nearly fainted right after. LOL Glad I thought to tell them something was off before I headed out to my car! Hope yours is a done deal with today’s “fun” only. And, yes, always important to get periodic checks! Better to knock them out sooner.


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