Where’s My Gold Star: Mind Reading

post graphicThere are days that I’m extremely thankful for Facebook.  Those days are usually the ones where someone posts some crazy parenting debacle and it garners 100 likes and 25 comments in an hour.

Last week it was me.  The debacle was the one that anyone with a four year old is likely familiar with.

I just couldn’t play his game right.

You know what I’m talking about right?  Those instances where they yell, interrupt and get so frustrated with you because YOU. DON’T. LIVE. IN. THEIR. BRAIN.

“Mom, don’t say it like that.”

“MOOOOOOOM, that’s not what he says. He says it like this.”

“Please make him say this and then that and then they can all do this.”

What in the world child?  At this rate, I am never going to play another game of Rescue Bots, Super Heroes, Cars, insert next game we are obsessed with here.

I earned my gold star though.  Instead of yelling “For the love of Pete, you are driving me freaking crazy, play by yourself,” I calmly said, “Dude, chill out.  When you are done being frustrated, let’s try again.”

BAM.  That’s how it’s done people.



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    I tell my HUSBAND I can’t read his mind all the time. He just *thinks* I know what he has going on in there. Drives me CRAZY.

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