Where’s My Gold Star: The Sickness Continues

I have to laugh. This is my fourth installment of “Where’s My Gold Star” and I can’t seem to dodge the sick theme. We may just be the unhealthiest house in North Carolina right now.

I have sat here for quite awhile trying to think of all the reasons I deserve a gold star this week and every single idea I have all goes back to me being sick, the kids being sick or the husband avoiding getting sick (he just went to bed because he’s feeling off; he better not be getting this.)

Bug man missed all three days of school last week. Miss E missed one of two. By Friday evening, I knew I was getting it and spent all of Saturday in bed. HUGE GOLD STAR to the hubby who let me sleep and played way more Rescue Bots than he probably wanted to.

I’m ready to be back on a schedule.  The amount of television these children have consumed in the last two weeks is embarrassing, but I did what I had to do.  Sometimes you just have to survive.

Do I even deserve a gold star this week? Sure. We all do. We deserve gold stars every day because we did SOMETHING that was awesome, even if it was just awesome in our heads.

So here’s what I came up with:

  • I deserve a gold star for not freaking out the 345 times my daughter sneezed directly onto my arm or face.  (Cue cootie dance)
  • How about one for remembering to record a few extra Imagination Movers and Rescue Bots for those hours when Bug doesn’t want to watch ANYTHING ELSE?
  • I totally get one for wrangling Lovey #1 from the baby to be washed without a fight and,
  • I definitely deserve one for not going all crazy, psycho mama when my son managed to pee all over the bathroom floor tonight. I’m still not entirely sure what he was doing.

Hand over that sticker now Mrs. Lane. It’s going up on my fridge.


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