Me gusta Mexico

It was a refreshing vacation, mixed with a few biology and chemistry lessons.  Most of the time, my view looked like this.

photo 2


But a few hours a day, it looked like this.

Learning about sugars

It’s been awhile since I’ve been anywhere without my family.  I welcomed a small break, a chance to be alone, connect with myself. We’ve had a LOT of sickness in the past two months.  I’ve felt cooped up, a bit stifled even.

Cancun, Mexico

But after a few days, I was lonely.  I missed those sweet faces and kissing my husband good night. It was sunny, warm and beautiful in Cancun, but it managed to snow in Raleigh while I was gone.  I missed out on this.



But it was good.  I met new people, had a wonderful experience and now I’m back with my littles.  Today we are going on an adventure.  I’m not sure where the day will take us, but we’re going to go, go, go until all three of us drop.  I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

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