Oh hello 1990’s: some thoughts for a teenage me

by Erin L. on January 23, 2013

I’m hopping back on the Vlogmom train this week after a brief hiatus. My friend, Jenn, from Mommy B Knows Best has an awesome topic: what are three things you’d like to tell your teenage self. I’m sure EVERYONE has something they’d like to tell themselves if they could go back to the past.

For me, I had to really think about it. I mean, it would have been a cop-out to say something like “hey, that outfit you wore and loved is actually incredibly HEINOUS” or “You know that party (like there was only one) at the frat house? TAKE IT SLOWER.” Instead I thought about things on a much larger scale and finally came up with something.

What would YOU tell your teenage self? Join us.

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