Mama deserves a gold star! {Link up!}

did you earn Do you remember back in elementary school when you’d get a gold star on the top of your paper or on a behavior chart when you did something great? It’s time to bring that back. Every single day we do something as parents that I think warrants a gold star.

Take yesterday for example. My son has had this random, phantom fever. It’s come and gone all weekend and seems to want to show itself only when mama has stuff to do. He woke up with tons of energy. We ate breakfast and I got everyone ready for the YMCA. I didn’t work out a single solitary time last week and we WERE going to the gym, come hell or high water.

Well, right before we left, I noticed his eyes looked a little puffy. I touched his forehead and sure enough – the damn fever was back. But I didn’t throw a fit (even though I wanted to) and I didn’t call the day a loss. We played with play-dough, went for a walk and watched a little more TV than normal. I had needed the “me” time, had wanted to get out of the house. But instead of whining about it, I sucked it up and had a pretty great day with the kids. Well, until we had an accident that required an early bath and the little one woke up from nap with her own fever.

Do I deserve an award for that? Probably not. But when I know the day could have been ten thousand times worse, I think I deserve a gold star for putting on my big girl panties and focusing on the positive.

Want to join us? Tell us what you did this week that deserves a gold star and link up!

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    For putting your kids first instead of doing the things that you wanted and needed to do, I think that’s a well-deserved gold star for you. For me, as a parent, there’s nothing more important than the health of my kids so I always put them on top of my priority list. :)

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    Totally gold star worthy. Good timing too, I have 2 kids who I am sure are coming down with something and I need a reminder every now to go with the flow and not freak out that things don’t always go as planned.

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