Introducing my new link-up: Where’s My Gold Star?

Parenting can be amazing, awesome and full of delights.

It can also be ridiculously frustrating. Those are the days when I really wish someone would come in my house and hand me a gold star…simply for completing the day.

So I decided to create a weekly linky where we can all share those frustrations and the small things we do that deserve recognition – like the time you spilled your coffee and didn’t cuss in front of the childen or the time the kids ACTUALLY got to bed on time. Everyone’s will be different and I can’t wait to read all about them.  The link will go up on Tuesdays, but you can post anytime in the week if you’d like.


I hope you will join me.  Start writing and get ready to link up tomorrow. You can even use this little badge I created.

I’m excited to see what you all have done that will earn you a gold star!



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  1. says

    love this!
    Sometimes I can hear the gong in my head when I do something ridiculous as a parent. You know, like how last night I let me son have a cookie right before bed time. Um. FAIL!
    But I totally get a gold star today for the fun singalong moments in the car today :)


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