A letter to my son on his fourth birthday

My darling firstborn,

It doesn’t seem possible that you are four years old. You are such a big boy now, yet still so very small.


 I waited so very long for you to come into my life.  It seemed that day was always just out of reach.  I prayed so very hard.

Now here you are.

You make me smile every day – from the things that you say or the sound of your laugh, that infectious giggle that I could listen to all day long.

It’s been an amazing year. You are counting everything and regularly ask Daddy and I to count to 20, 60 and even 100.

You love books. Story time with Daddy is one of your favorite times of the day. You can identify all your letters and you’ll “try” to read to us. I relish your enthusiasm.

Super Heroes have become your obsession – Spider Man,  Batman, The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America,  you name it. We fight the bad guys and send them to jail.  When asked what you want to be when you grow up, you say “a police occifer.”

My sweet, brave boy.

You watch movies now with gusto. You interact and sing and jump up and down at your favorite parts.

And you run. Oh, do you run. You are super fast (just like Dash!) and probably wouldn’t stop running except that mommy and daddy ask you to. I can’t wait to sign you up for soccer in the spring.

I almost forgot the dancing – the wonderful, amazing dancing that you do.  “Watch me, Mama!”  I do. Over and over.  You always have such a serious look on your face – intent concentration on every move you make.

I do not know what the future holds.  Some days (like today) I want to hold you close, shield you from the outside world and never let go.

But I know I’m being unrealistic.

So I’ll let you grow – be the boy you are supposed to be.  Know that you are loved, that I carry you in my heart. Always.

All my love,


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