When to start swim lessons

Last night was a big night for us.  Bug had his very first swim lesson.

I was a tad (read: INSANELY) anxious.  Bug loves the water as long as his face doesn’t get wet, and he adamantly told me as I explained that everyone needs to know how to swim that HE DID NOT WANT TO GO.  My child cries almost every night during bath when we wash his hair. It’s always a huge ruckus.  He doesn’t want anything in his eyes.  I could only imagine how he’d react when a teacher tried to get him to blow bubbles.

A couple years ago the APA recommended that kids start swim lessons at four years of age.  But they recently came around to saying anytime after one can benefit children.  I actually feel like I should have done it sooner.  He seem(ed) so set in his fear.

Y’all, he did SO great.  Granted, the first half of the lesson, he just sat on the side of the pool.  He kicked his feet when he was supposed to, but when the teacher asked him if he wanted to swim with her, he shook his head “no” every time.

But then…with five minutes left in the lesson…then he said YES.  He was so incredibly proud of himself and the smile he shot me when he got out of the water was priceless.  I am such a happy and proud mama.  I was sincerely praying he’d at least be blowing bubbles by the end of the six lessons, but the teacher assured me she thinks he’ll do more.

He’s already asked when we get to go back.


Looking for a class for your child?  BabyCenter has this great post on what to look for in a swim class.



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