Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is shopping for and opening the stocking stuffers. They’ve been a huge part of our holiday since I was a baby. Historically, my stockings have been filled with both practical items and “Boo” gifts. Boo gifts got their name from my grandmother, who likes to give fun, silly, small gifts for all occasions. She even gives them as table presents (each seat at the table has a present to open!)

Last year, my family received everything from lottery tickets and socks to airplane bottles of liquor and Q-tips. Nothing is hands off. Someone always gets something random and hilarious, like the year my great grandfather got a jar of pickles. We still talk about it!

This year, I decided to scour the Internetz for some things that might come in handy for those looking for something above and beyond the usual travel toothpastes and chocolate candy. Here are a few things I’m considering this year:

For the Baby/Toddler:

Personalized MAM pacifier – Every time I drop Miss E off at preschool or the YMCA, I’m always scrambling for a Sharpie to make sure her initials are on her pacifier. How awesome would it be to have a few that – GASP – have her name on it. 2 for $19.95  (They also sell Glow in the Dark pacis – super awesome for when your kid drops them in the middle of the night.

Sophie the Giraffe You can’t go wrong with this rockin’ teether for kids. Both my son and daughter loved it. $24.99

oball-rattle-220x177Oball Rattle Miss E loves all balls, especially ones that make noise.  Can’t go wrong with this to entertain your little one. $9.99



Sesame Street Flash Cards [Beginning Words] 36 cards to help build your child’s vocabulary $4.99sesame-200x200

Pouches of Applesauce or other fruits/veggies Since I’m not going to give my baby a bunch of candy, it works out well to have a few snacks in her stocking that she can eat.  Prices vary.



For the Preschooler:

Good Night Gorilla goodnight-gorilla-200x200Both my kids adore this book. It’s  cute little story and it fits nicely in a stocking. $7.99

Alex Rub A Dub Draw In The Tub Crayons Who doesn’t love making a mess in the tub?  These crayons allow us to practice our alphabet while getting clean all at once! $9.99

Melissa & Doug Harmonica Noisy?  Yes, but also super fun. $7.99


goggles-200x200Spider-Man Swim Googles Since my little man still won’t put his face in the water, I thought these might help.  Can’t go wrong with a Super Hero! $4.99



Parents are easier because, really, when do we ever get to buy anything for ourselves? Any little thing will be appreciated.

Chocolate?  Yes please.

Starbucks Gift Cards?  I’ll take three.

For the Modern Mama:

Petunia Pickle Bottom Wanderlust Wallet Delightful Dubrovnik Ok, so it’s a tad on the pricey side for a stocking stuffer but I LURVE IT!  $64.00

Keurig Sample Pack – I’ll admit that last year, I tried to put an entire box of 12 k-cups into a stocking, but it didn’t quite fit. So this year, I’m going to stick to the sample packs. $3.80

coffee-mug-200x200Coffee mug filled with goodies – Do you see a theme here? I think most mama’s need a little caffeine to get them through their day. Any fun mug will do (I’m partial to this monogrammed mug from Layla Grace!)

Mani/Pedi Gift Certificate – Do I even need to explain this?

Nail Polish – Loving the new James Bond collection at OPI


For the Daddy-O:

Call of Duty: Black Opps – Again, maybe more of a big gift, but video games and movies make a great addition to the stocking! $59.99

doof-200x200Cartoon T-shirt – My husband is a pretty big Dr. Doofenschmirtz fan (from Phineas and Ferb).  There are TONS of graphic tees out there. Find daddy’s favorite and surprise him.




Holiday Beer – There are all sorts of fun bottles that will make you smile over the holidays.  My favorite is Santa’s Butt. For real.

Electric Reindeer Wine – My husband likes a rich Cabernet.  He’ll be happy with a bottle all his own.

Home Depot or Lowe’s Gift Cards – Any incentive to let him tinker will make him happy.

What are your favorite things to put in stockings?


No compensation was received for this post.  It does contain a few affiliate links.

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