Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re supposed to leave for Virginia today.  I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to organize kid’s clothes, travel cribs, sippy cups and all the food I’m supposed to bring.

So far this morning we’ve had a scream fest over the fact we have no more yogurt, the baby tried to flush the hubby’s sock down the toilet, the cat pooped on the floor and Miss E has emptied my diaper bag at least three times.  She discovered that chap stick is super fun and also managed to find every hidden compartment and eat the random snacks inside.

I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee.

Ah well, tis the season right?

In a few hours, the car will be packed up and we’ll be on the road.  My phones are charging (an extra so Bug can play Angry Birds) and the laundry is done.  Bug has picked out which books and toys he wants to bring.  All that’s left is to pick up the house a bit so we don’t come home to a huge mess.


The craziness before a trip always gets me frazzled but in the end…

I’ll be with family.  My heart will be full.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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