NC Zoo: Dinosaurs and baby gorillas

North Carolinians, if you haven’t been to the NC Zoo in awhile and have a dinosaur lover in the house, you need to get there before the end of October.

There is an amazing exhibit featuring animatronic dinosaurs that actually move. We went yesterday and my three year old son was in heaven. It costs a little extra ($4 per person), but if you get just one combo pass, you barely notice the cost difference. We had a blast. Even little Miss E was entranced (although she didn’t care for the water spitting one!)

Bug went up to all the signs so he could see how big each dinosaur was and he noted that the Apatasaurus sounded like it was yawning.  Talk about a kid in a candy store!

nc zoo, dinosaur exhibit
My man riding on a T-Rex


NC Zoo
Run!!! He's going to get us Mom!


T-Rex at NC Zoo
Bug yelled "MOM, IT'S A T-REX"

There’s also a 4D movie that takes you to Dino Island to save the T-Rex from an erupting volcano! But we skipped that since A would probably have been scared. I think it’s more for older kids.

The bonus part of our visit was that we got to see nine day old gorilla baby, Bomassa, super up close and personal. Mama Gorilla was super proud and happy to show off the new baby. I actually felt myself well up with tears when she looked at me holding MY baby. We shared a moment.


Baby Gorilla at North Carolina Zoo
Nine day old baby gorilla.


Gorilla and boy at NC zoo
Bug made a friend!

And if that wasn’t enough, the baby giraffe who was born at the beginning July was out too! So insanely cute!


nc zoo, baby giraffe
Baby Giraffe

It was pretty hot yesterday but there was no crowd at all, which was fantastic. I definitely recommend going on a weekday if you can swing it.  The kids had a blast!  (Big huge props to G-ma for tagging along!)


turtles at the zoo
Miss E was fascinated!
Do you think they had a good time?
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