Gym shower etiquette goes down the drain

by Erin L. on August 16, 2012

Today I had a pretty traumatizing experience.

You see, as I left my Zumba class, all nasty and sweaty, I knew that I needed a shower. But my forgetful self had left my towel at my house so figured I’d just go home and see what I could manage with the kids.

Luckily (or not, as you’ll see) my friend was knowledgeable enough to know that they had towels that I could borrow. So I took my square inch of a rag and headed to the showers.

To set the scene a little, know that there are about seven enclosed showers in the shower area. Four on the right that have doors and three on the left that have curtains. Before you get to the enclosed showers, there are three open nozzles along a bare wall. If it’s after a really crowded class, you may have to wait in line for the showers and stand in front of the open nozzle area. No big deal.
gym shower

Well today there was a lady showering in the open area. Today there were AVAILABLE enclosed stalls and there was a lady all brazen and nekkid showering without a care in the world. AND SHE WAS SHAVING HER LADY BITS!

I’m not lying. ¬†She was shaving her hoo in the middle of a public shower area.

I had no words. My brain is still completely befuddled.

What reason would you possible have to shave your hoo in a semi-public place? Seriously? Can’t that wait until you get home?

My friend Leigh said that clearly she had a lunch date. I mean, she must have. She surely must have thought she was going to get an afternoon delight because why else would you possibly need to do shave your privates at the gym (in public no less).

I’m not a prude y’all. But I do cover myself up in the gym (even with that scrap of paper they call a towel; it does the job.) I can handle the old ladies who walk around in all their glory in the locker room. It skeevs me out a little when they sit their bare booty on the benches (note to self, put a towel down) but I get it. They’ve been there, done that. They don’t care who sees them.

But this lady was probably in her early 40s. And she was shaving.

I. Just. Don’t. Understand.

So answer me this: to shave or not to shave at the gym?


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