Summer Fashion: Fun in the Sun!

One of the things I am most excited about as my first summer as a stay at home mama is spending more time outside. And by outside, I not only mean in the yard or at a park, I mean the beach and the pool.

It’s not like when you were a teen and you could prance around in your suit all day. Now you are chasing kids around at the pool, and have to really think about your attire. Kids are constantly pulling on you, you’re getting wet, sweaty and having to constantly think about protecting yourself from the sun.

So again I turned to the Internet to create some super sassy fashions for pool days. Now who wants to hire me so I can purchase these lovely ensembles?

Beach Babe


More water fashion


Day at the Pool

The yellow cover-up above is amazing and I am bound and determined to find a cheaper version. Sorry Juicy Couture, not happening in my world.

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