Remembering where we’ve been

Tonight my WonderBug was asking who made his toes. (Love this kid and his silly questions.) At first I told him God made his toes, but then I said, “well actually, mommy and daddy made those toes.” As he always does these days, he asked “Why?”

My husband jumped in and said, “Because mommy and daddy made you. You know you grew in mommy’s tummy right?”


“Because we wanted a baby”


“Because we wanted someone like you to love and hug and snuggle with all the time.”

Then my mind started to wander to the 2+ years it took us to conceive Bug. The struggle, the heartache, the babies who were never meant to be. We’ve come a long way since my first miscarriage.

I was taken aback by how a simple statement to my three year old could jolt me awake with gratitude. I have a beautiful family — a son and a daughter whom I love with my whole heart. For that, I am eternally grateful….for where we’ve been. Because without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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  1. says

    It’s amazing how much our children’s questions can prove to be so thought-provoking. You are extremely blessed. I never really “got” how much a blessing children were until I suffered a miscarriage. It happened before my first daughter. That experience changed me, I think. It made me more thankful for this life and the lives that I’ve been blessed to care for on this earth.

    p.s. I’m stopping by from SOC Sunday.

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