VlogMoms Thursday: Best and Worst Parenting Advice

So this week, we’re talking parenting advice.  I didn’t get a chance to do this during nap time this week, so you get to see  my typical, crazy life.  Wonderbug tried to help…so it’s a glimpse into the chaos.


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  1. says

    he is SO adorable! I love how you stopped to VERY calmly distract him… and of course he came right back. Kids are fascinated by cameras!

    Oh, yeah. there will be bad advice. And smile like you did the sun comment.

    BTW, GREAT advice from your former employer.

  2. says

    Your little one reminds me of my little guy, he loves to play in front of the camera. LOL And yes, great advice, it’s always best to do what works for you and your kids.

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