Oh, hello 34


I am officially in my mid-thirties.

I’m not entirely sure where all that time went.  Sometimes I feel all child-like with a spring in my step. Other times, like when I’m staring at all my gray roots or AHEM! finding a gray eyebrow hair, I feel ancient and totally over the hill. (What?  I’m being a touch dramatic?  Not me.)

But nonetheless, here I am.

Life is good.  My marriage is happy.  My children are bliss.  I’m enjoying being at home.

I could stand to do a wee bit more work(hint hint if you need any marketing help!) but where I am is good if that’s what’s meant to be.

Where am I headed?

Not sure.  It’s an open book, an empty slate.

I’m ready for adventure.

I’m ready for the ride.

Bring it on 34. Show me what you’ve got.


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