When Your Babies Are Sick

Nothing makes me feel worse as a parent than feeling helpless. Miss E has had a cold for over two weeks now. I actually think it’s a second cold, but that’s besides the point.

She is miserable. She is so incredibly snoozly and stuffed up with ickyness. I swear we’ve gone through an entire box of tissues just for her.

I want her to feel better. All mama can do is give Tylenol and provide lots and lots of snuggles. It’s not enough. I feel inadequate. I want to fix it.

Her being sick also lends itself to the other problem with being a parent — WORRY.

I was a worrier before. With kids, it’s 100x worse.

And this is so minor.

There are so many worse things that can happen. (I try not to think about it.) All you want as a parent is for your children to be safe, healthy, free from harms way.

I cannot protect her from everything, but it doesn’t mean I can’t try. 

Sick baby
Even when feeling like poo, she's still pretty cute.



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  1. says

    Awe, I’m sorry the little one is sick. It’s truly heartbreaking when they’re sick and that small and cannot tell you what’s wrong. I hope she gets to feeling better soon, she’s an absolute doll!

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